India is short of talent - really ?
Bhumesh Verma 21 Feb 2018

India is short of talent - really ?

India appears at an unimpressive and unenviable 81st spot in the global index of talent competitiveness released by World Economic Forum, while Switzerland bag the top spot of the chart.

Does it mean that India lacks talent? It is universally accepted fact that India is land of professionals with global and unique talent and India is never short of talented professionals. Therefore, lack of talent in India can certainly be no reason for India’s dismal performance in the talent competitiveness rankings.

India’s placement towards the bottom of ranking is the reflection of Indian government and corporates’ failure to retain Indians with immense talent and lack of vision about the impact (negative) of migration of Indian professionals to other countries on the nation economic development.

Scores of talented Indian professionals are migrating overseas for better professional prospects as they feel that neither the government nor Indian corporates are concerned about developing the infrastructure needed to generate job prospects commensurate with the aspirations of highly talented and intellectual professionals. Getting a job abroad has become a status symbol even in middle class family. Why?

Unfortunately, averting the migration of talented professionals and retention of global talent in the country is never been part of the government agenda.  

On the other hand, all over the globe top leading corporates are employing and retaining Indians. Top management positions of leading global corporates are crowned by Indians to name a few Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO), Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Nitish Arora (Softbank CEO) and so on.

Migration of the Indians (with high potential and caliber) is a curse for India and a boon to other nations. Indians migration to other nations for better job prospects is undoubtedly one of the objects that contributing to the country status as a still-developing nation even after 70 years of independence.

If this trend continues further, India has a lot to lose in terms of talented professionals and economic development.

Indian government and corporates need to recognize the damage occurring to the economy of the nation due to lack of attention and focus on averting the migration of talented Indians. High time for the government to understand the criticality of the sturdy warning issued by the talent competitiveness rankings – start taking immediate steps to cultivate atmosphere and infrastructure on war footing - to ensure that India offers abundant job prospects to retain professionals with global talent. This will ultimately be a shot in the arm for economic development of nation and aid in nation’s transformation from developing country to developed country.

Research and inputs by Paruchuri Baswanth Mohan
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