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It must be noted that the climate change is the major challenge for the manhood in the current period. Somehow the world is fast-moving towards a climate disaster. Our base is trapped on the accelerator and we are heading towards a gulf.

Many environmentalists believe that climate change has far triumph effects, concerns and consequence for entire sphere in common and emerging countries in specific. It is also an admitted fact that if genuine determinations are not made on war equilibrium, then it will become difficult to live on this planet.

Nowadays, seasons are changing, temperature is increasing of both earth and seawater and there is no end to it. The sphere is entering in era wherein the environment would get tangled in a curved of weakening and deprivation touching the obtainability and admission to water, nutrition, and liveliness in a vast manner.

Conferring to a study, biosphere over people would consume 10 per cent more water per year than nature could refill. Upsurge in global warming has been melting glaciers and withdrawing snowlines. Therefore, seventy streams have immobile flowing into the sea and as a result, aquifers are reducing.

In Indian context there are numerous reasons behind this climate change. In India Environmental Departments of each State is bound to take required actions to protect the environment and to prevent the Climate change. Climate change is a serious threat to environment. Even the State Legislative Assemblies are bound to make more sufficient piece of legislations to safeguard the environment and to eradicate the problem of Climate change. In this article we will discuss about the problem of Climate change. What are the serious effects of Climate change on Environment? How to prevent Climate change? What necessary steps should be taken to prevent the Climate change?

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The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed.[1]

The above fourteen words quoted by ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, clearly states that earth has enough resources and all essentials that are prerequisite to satisfy man’s needs and wants but however not every man’s greed. But I think us human beings are so egocentric that in order to adopt modernization we are harming our environment and climate conditions in numerous ways. Time has changed and Technology has amplified. This is eventually affecting the climate conditions. At present the “Climate change is the biggest problem of 21st century.” Many nations have taken various steps to preclude the climate change. “Climate is a typical configuration of weather over the long term. The earth’s climate has warmed and cooled for millions of years, since long before we appeared on the scene. Though climate transformation is not new, the study of how human movement affects the earth’s climate is.”[2] The author in his book has undoubtedly mentioned that climate modification isn’t a new concept, but however the study how climate change is happening and what are the reasons behind it, is new thing.


Now the question that arises is that what is the climate change? Climate change is a kind of modification in the climate due to human activities and other reasons. It has become major issues of 21st century and also affecting the economic growth of the countries. “It is an acknowledged fact that ‘Greenhouses effect’ is the major factor for climate change. It relates to the gages which keep the earth warm. These gases are also responsible for global warming.”[3] Climate change is influenced by many factors like, earth temperature and wind patterns. Earth temperature is changing day by day and affecting the environment and climate conditions. “Climate change is one of the multidimensional problems facing manhood today.

Climate change includes variety of challenges with wide-ranging effects. It is predictable to have substantial impacts on conditions affecting agriculture, including temperature. It is also admitted that a change in worldwide climate forms apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards, accredited largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. A study on climate change is vital from this standpoint because it is deliberated that if human activity that causes unfavorable climate change is not reduced, the existence of the entire human race is under risk.


‘Greenhouse Effect’ is one of the major factors causing climate change. It is a mixture of toxic gases which keep the earth warm. These gases are harmful for human beings and for environmental conditions. When these gases enter into environment it changes the climate. Greenhouse effect has been a major concern since long time. “It has been admitted that the balance between energy absorbed by the earth and energy reflected back into space is fundamental in determining how warm or cool the planets becomes.”[4] Environmental scientists believed that ‘Greenhouse Gases’ have been accountable for the weakening of the ozone layer, which shields the earth from injurious direct rays of the sun. Reduction of stratospheric ozone results in higher disclosure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun, leading to an increase in the occurrences of skin cancer.


It can be pointed out that global warming is the reason behind the melting of glaciers and it is also responsible for climate change. “Global warming has caused in decline in mountain glaciers and snow cover in both hemispheres and this is predictable to fast-track throughout the 21st century. This will lead to dropping water availability, hydropower potential, and would change the periodic flow of rivers.”[5]


·         IMPACT ON INDIA:

Climate change has great influence on India society. Climate change will make cloudbursts impulsive. It is also believed that the total agricultural production in India will go down. The crop harvest per hectare will also get affected desperately; will cause nutrition uncertainty and loss of means of support. The immense concern is the intensifying altitudes of the sea in the coastal areas which will undoubtedly damage nursery areas for fisheries, causing coastal destruction and flooding. Climate change in India has various impacts such as on environmental conditions, agricultural production including cereals production and on wind patterns also. Climate change has great impact on Indian Sand also. It destroys the essential ingredients of soil, which eventually lowers the agricultural production.

“In a recent global report, India has secured at a low 155th position in a global list. This global list places countries on the basis that how well they do on major environmental concerns. The cause India is so susceptible to climate change is because it is an outsized country with many living in poverty, poor arrangement, and lack of government preparation to deal with multifarious weather systems.”[6]

It becomes clear that India is badly affected by climate change. The Indian government also failed to bring proper steps to prevent climate change. India is so obsessed with technology advancement that it eventually destroying its environment. Indian Industrialization is also responsible for climate change. Industrialization has badly affected the climate in various ways. Due to Indian Industrialization air and water pollution has also increased, which has eventually affected the climate conditions. Smoke from industries made air polluted and harmful to inhale.

“India is exposed to unbalanced monsoons, flooding, rising sea levels, and higher temperatures. The monsoon period is vigorous to the Indian economy since many Indians are agrarian. Preparation for meteorological conditions abnormalities fetched about by climate change is therefore indispensable to protect the lives of the Indian people and the progression of the Indian economy.”[7]


Climate change has numerous dangerous impacts on environment. Global warming, Greenhouse gases effect and Ozone layer depletion are all outcomes of climate change. Climate change also affects the agricultural production and also affects the soil. It also causes soil erosion. It also has various impacts on human health.

“A changing climate is probable to affect all these conditions and hence have an influential effect on human health and well-being.”[8]

We can summarize the impacts of climate change in following points namely,

·         Death and injury due to flooding.

·         Reduced obtainability of fresh water due to saltwater intrusion.

·         Adulteration of water supply through contaminants from submerged waste dumps.

·         Change in the distribution of disease-spreading insects.

·         Health effect on the diet due to a loss in agriculture land and changes in fish catch

·         Health impacts associated with population displacement.

“As the earth heats up, sea levels increase since warmer water takes up more space than colder water. This progression is known as thermal expansion. It must be noted that melting glaciers and ice sheets have worsen the problem of climate change by adding even more water into the oceans. It is predictable that increasing seas will result in salt water entering bodies of fresh water. It is pointed out that hundreds of millions of folks about the world live in seaside low-lying areas could effortlessly be flooded. Sea Level Rise (SLR) will also wear away beaches and will harm numerous seaside wetlands. Sturdier hurricanes are caused due to warmer oceans and these could completely sponge out beaches and islands.”[9]

It may have certain other impacts namely,

·         Impulsive climate patterns.

·         Amplified risk of heat weaves and drought.

·         Enlarged jeopardy of flooding.

·         Increased risk of unembellished weather.

·         Rising sea levels.

·         Financial damage.

·         Loss of life.

·         Impact on agriculture and food prices.

·         Impact on ecosystems.

·         Impact on marine life.

·         Impact on human health and disease.

·         Impact on soil.

·         Impact on agricultural production.

These are certain dangerous impacts of climate change on environment. Climate change is one of the biggest problems of this century and proper steps must be taken by the competent authorities to prevent the issue of climate change. Various Environmental laws must be enacted to prevent the climate change. Law is the only tool which can prevent the climate change. Strict laws relating to environmental protection must be passed to prevent the climate change.


Various suggestions have been given by various persons of various fields namely,

·         Let people know that what the consequences of climate change are.

·         Must invest in flood defences authorities.

·         Make proper planning to prevent the climate change.

·         Conduct proper research on climate change.

·         Increase and connect green space.

·       &n

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