How Artificial Intelligence Overpowers our Political Intelligence? | Digital Democracy |
Bivas Chatterjee 2 Aug 2020

How Artificial Intelligence Overpowers our Political Intelligence? | Digital Democracy |

Do our political thought is being influenced by the big data analytics or we are still feel free not be a slave of brain-washing materials in the virtual world.? Let us find out.

Expert says Data is the ‘Air’ or Oil of the modern lifestyle.

The different types of Personally Identifiable Information namely person’s name, picture, contact details, location data, race, sexual orientation, Social security number, location, online identifiers, genetic information and face orientation are all been collected by invisible data broker.

These invincible data brokers without our knowledge are collecting, packaging and selling our personal private data online and offline. Different e-commerce and social site companies are collecting, storing and tracking our data. Our life is converted into data package where we are only products.

Our every purchase, every journey, every likes and dislikes, our hobbies, our thinking and thus every part of our life are digitised, tracked and logged. Today all around we can find a data war where unknown and invisible data broker are stealing your data and profiling us.

The corner stone of all the laws in the world is human dignity.

·       When technologies are moving on a rapid speed, law on the other hand moves slowly.

·       Today with the more use of various algorithm the strain relationship of law and data analytics or AI are becoming prominent.

·       The intention of the privacy legislation is to put a tab on unauthorized collection, share management and use of one’s personal data.

·       There is an ongoing conflict between Human rights and organisation right. Online social media organisations are accessing one’s shared information and identifying a person and thus controls his autonomy. Any kind of algorithmic failure will jeopardise one’s identity and autonomy in the days to come.

·       In the modern times one data-analytic company has proved to be a woke up call.

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