Forever 21 Vs Gucci: The Design War Continues!!
Trademarkclick .com 25 Jul 2017

Forever 21 Vs Gucci:  The Design War Continues!!

We usually talk about the phenomenon of fast fashion environment and its influence on the fashion and luxury industries, and how it has transformed popular culture and its growing demand. The issue of copy vs. Inspiration has been debated on social media as well as the court but when differentiation becomes impossible and we realize that we are heavily involved in it and gone too far.

In a game turnaround, Forever 21 is suing Gucci, a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, saying the Italian label cannot process it for its pieces that feature red and green and red and blue stripes. They are claiming that they have a right to copy designs from Gucci, who have sent numerous cease and desist letters to the retail store since December of last year. Gucci is widely known for their striped designs blue-red-blue and green-red-green pattern and they has had a trademark on that pattern since at least 1988.

In last December, Gucci asked the fast fashion network to withdraw from circulation all clothing and accessories that came with the stripes in those specific colours, claiming they have the rights to these combinations. In January and February this year, the brand sent two more letters on three bomber jackets, a sweater and a choker.

It is surprising to see that Forever 21 is taking the turn around and filing a law suit against Gucci.  They are not suing Gucci for knocking off their designs, Instead of suing, might be they are taking an attempt to stop being sued by Gucci.

Gucci has issued a statement saying that Forever 21's reputation for being accused of profiting from other trademarks, including Gucci, is well established. Now, in order to distract from its own infractions, Forever 21 is trying to attack one of the most famous and iconic trademarks of Gucci. This will not stop Gucci from going after their rights to protect intellectual property and brand identity.

It becomes very difficult to choose side as the fashion brands have already involved in controversies and allegedly accused of coping each other’s design. Forever 21 has been faced legal battle numerous times, in March, the company sued Adidas over the German sportswear brand's protection of its famous three parallel stripes and most recently it was being sued by Puma for ripoffs Rihanna's Fenty shoe collections.

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