Fake Law Degree - A Major Setback in India
Harshdeep grover 21 Jun 2017

Fake Law Degree - A Major Setback in India

How you would react if you get to know that the person who is fighting your case is not a lawyer but a scam artist, having a business card labelled him as a lawyer with a degree which he officially does not own. Fake degrees are not new in the market but with the help of e-commerce it is now more presumptuous than ever. Before if you want to be a lawyer you have to go to the law college and suffer some serious torture of books and exams (the basic starter kit of any law school), but now the time has been changed, now if you want to be lawyer you just have to find a good website or a scam artist to do your work, and tada, congratulations you’re a lawyer now. How easy is it? right? You just have to pay some cash and you can get your degree on your hands. The picture attached is the example what exactly you going to get.

“The level of legal profession has really gone down. Something needs to be done about the profession. It needs some oxygen to restore its pristine glory”. These are the words said by the Justice Kurien Joseph and requests bar council of India (BCI) to take actions ASAP.

“At least 30% of all lawyers in India are fake”, fake lawyers are not only villein here but the former law minister itself having a fake degree, if the flame keeper itself is fake then what can we expect from others.

Are there any steps taken till now? Yes, BCI council has started its first step towards goal, they have started verification process mandatory for all lawyers. The goal is big but can be winnable.

My advise to the fake lawyers who are humiliating the profession, please do not fake around if you really want to a lawyer then go to a law school and get yourself an original degree or don’t practice the profession. Practicing without a degree is illegal, and those who does that will end up in jail.

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Ramesh Mishra   24 Nov 2022 10:02pm
FAKE LAWYERS OF INDIA AND FAKE NON-LAWYERS, THE JUDICIAL MAJISTRATES, IN UP TWO LAWS OF UP INDIA HUMANS HAVE NEVER WITNESSED LAW NUMBER 1. Dr Raja Ganpathy IAS, SDM, arbitrarily annulled the UP BHULEKH ( land record ), showing my name in Khatauni as a co-sharer. On November 12, 2018, he accepted my mentally ill brother's affidavit, falsely swearing I sold my shares in India prior to moving to Canada in 1975.SDM refused to pass the final decree; the same SDM passed the preliminary decree and Kurras on May 28, 2018, which were not disputed. LAW NUMBER 2 Dr AK Goel IAS, the Divisional Commissioner of Prayagraj in January 2019, arbitrarily possessed my judicial partition files without notice to me, depriving me of the opportunity to be heard; Goel breached the legal principles of " audi alteram partem ".Goel commenced the revision of the UNPAID interlocutory cost imposed on my mentally ill brother by SDM Ganapathy on October 30, 2018. The interlocutory UNPAID order was unappealable being interlocutory order. It was not maintainable in any court of India, and no court in India assumed jurisdiction to hear the appeal of disobeyed order. The IAS and PCS I dealt with in UP are the murderers. Victoria BC Canada
Diploma   26 Mar 2021 11:53pm
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