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As the digital era moves into the further stage of implementation and data becomes sensitive on the internet, threat intelligence has called to action a new legal arrangement. The GDPR is a law coming into effect that controls privacy for author’s data, profile, email, phone number and marketing potential. Authors may find authors portals and community websites as Anobii, requesting updates from the subscribed author in continuing subscriptions and book listings.

In brief, marketing and email promotions is restricted in scope to a single application, a one-time activity, except if the email recipient subscribes for further news and posts. This is not to discourage promotions and marketing. It is to secure internet email recipients from misuse of their data when apps and devices may be used to misuse data and trade off information through data banks.

Information as emails and phone numbers are linked to credit cards, personal tax numbers, financial charts, business data and Intellectual properties that may be very sensitive and valuable. In the past companies and authors have suffered tremendously from hacking and misuse of private data which was invaded without warnings from governments and internet providers.

The scope for email marketing after GDPR is fully implemented requires better arrangement in the initial stage, to attract subscribers. A box may be provided in websites inviting a ‘Follow me’ or ‘Sign up for further news in your mailbox.’ To attract subscribers the seller may offer free advertisements for them, free gifts, free webinars, gifts, brand affiliation, recognition awards, Facebook likes or twitter shares. They may arrange Instagram followers or offer a course. 

The initiative in the end process becomes tidy. Marketing continues at levels of premium control and sophistication. Everyone becomes accountable and authors become their own data controllers. This makes self-publishing safe.

GDPR benefits individuals in restoring privacy and control at level of personal management. Risk subsides and communities become responsible. Industry and book trade become possible.

Writers can return to their projects and manage security protocols, which by now include restricting use of their mobile numbers or profile information from competition factors and data thieves. Advanced satellite tracking, mobile camera linking to augmented Facebook stories that invisibly assembles private information and maps locations and personal space of users, may be controlled through restricted acceptance of salespersons. For instance a Cash on Delivery payment to an Amazon vender, is accessed on satellite and the credit card data is stored on Amazons portal. An option is offered to ‘save’ or ‘not to save’ the card details. This is a trick as Amazon wants data and knowledge of their customer. A ‘yes’ to save the card may be secure as Amazon is a reliable marketplace. However the internet satellites can know all credit card transactions, preferences and activities of the user. And conflict on anyone else accessing the data must be avoided. Buyers should know how to never save the card.

The GDPR has evolved as a solution from a team of lawyers with a listing of principles of accountability, professionalism, risk management and data security. Yet the details of how change manifests and controls internet users must be experienced and analyzed at personal level. Authors will be protected by the rulings of their websites and portals. The provision arranged by GDPR is proportionate to the occasion and will be effective in maintenance mode.

First published in Goodreads on 20th May 2018
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