Dr. Chandra
Dr. Chandra Rajan 28 Jan 2018


Good society and good economy calls for good governance and good governance in turn calls for committed politics. Hence, quality of the political institutions is critical to not only for the democratic progress of a country but also to its societal and economic progress.

Constitution makers gifted to Indian citizen an exhaustive and modern constitution with higher political values of social, economic and political JUSTICE; LIBERTY of thoughts, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation, which was expected to shape up a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST and SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of INDIA.

However, ground realities today are very different. There are many aberrations that have now emerged in the working of India's constitution at all levels including the very existence of the original Constitution of India itself.

One can understand the requirements of the changing times to meet the changing needs for growth and progress of the country, but the aberrations and changes made and sustained with an intent of vested interests by the Politicians certainly call for IDENTIFICATION OF SUCH CHANGES and a REVOLUTION in the country to make suitable changes in the best interest of the country and her citizens.

Economic scenario is changing very fast, which has a deep impact on the lives of the citizen and the polity of the country. Therefore, with new economic landscape, opportunities must also expand to provide new jobs to absorb India's working age population, which in my opinion is the real wealth of our country that multiplies with new workers adding millions of job seekers every year. However, it seems that the Industries have given up and the Politicians have lost its will and are not bothered to constructively utilize the opportunities. Resultantly, the youth in my country, like in many other countries, have become restless.

The youth is; (i) far more awakened-but is clueless for corrective actions, (ii) wants to mend the wrongs-but lacks leadership, (iii) wants to secure his/her own life and their loved ones-but are helpless, (iv) wants to work, grow and prosper but has no opportunities, and (v) dreams to see mother India in the league of developed nations but receives abuses and is seen unreliable lot in the world being Indian.

Under the given scenario, new political movements have begun and the political landscape is changing fast. People want a progressive, peaceful, and corruption free India. The politicians too promise to usher a new India but the ground realities are extremely different. Poverty, Education, Corruption, Inflation and Lack of Political Will to address these challenges is making Indians to suffer at the hands of the divisive Politics today, which ultimately ends up translating into APPEASEMENT POLITICS IN MY COUNTRY.

India witnesses a decibel level of rising corruption today at all levels in public and private life. Contrary to the common belief that the strict laws and new vigilance agencies would solve the problem of corruption, one is forced to EITHER GIVE UP or SUBMIT or REVOLUTIONIZE THE SYSTEM. However, the first two options are neither the rescue nor a remedy, therefore the only solution is systemic reforms in the governing institutions that can provide respite to the people. South Korea has proved as to how a third world country could rise and join the league of the developed nations in a short time frame with the COMMITTED POLITICIANS. India too needs to get ready for a complete revolution because we cannot afford to let our fellow citizen live at the mercy of selfish Politicians any more.


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