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All Sexual Criminals are not Psychopaths: perception and reality

All Sexual Criminals are not Psychopaths: perception and reality


It is extremely important to realise that sexual crime is largely confused with a psychological crime when it is committed atrociously. However, sexual and psychological crimes are different in their motive, action and commission. To understand the difference between the two it is necessary to study the details of these types of crime and criminals.

Sexual criminals commit a crime involving sexual abuse, like - incest, rape, child abuse and sodomy due to lust, revenge, obsession, pleasure, fun and sometimes due to mental disease. Psychological crime can be attributed to various mental diseases like insanity, schizophrenia, split-personality, unsoundness of mind and psychopathy. In the present context, the general tendency is to label every sexual criminal, a psychopath, whereas, in reality, the two are broadly different from each other.

This paper attempts to flag that, Mens rea plays a very important role to distinguish any crime. This paper differentiates between sexual criminals and psychopaths with the help of ten case laws. Seven cases are of the different motives and forms of sexual crimes and three of psychopaths in which motive was a disease. Finally, based on the mens rea an attempt has been made to understand the intricacies between the perception and the reality between the two.

Keywords: Sexual crime, psychopaths, perception, reality, Law

For the full paper, please click the link below:

All Sexual Criminals are not Psychopaths: perception and reality - Full paper

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