amit pathak 25 Jul 2016

What Legal measures you can take to stop your employee from stealing clients
In this competitive world where you see so many new companies are coming up, you will find good competition too. This competition leads to rivalry, enemies, opponents etc. If your organization is doing well then everybody want to steal potential clients of your organization so that they can grow their business in the same way you do. There are chances…
sharda sahu 20 Jul 2016

Significance of License in growing your business
Licensing is a way to make your business grow in a big way. If you have a small scale business with great products you can use licensing as a means to grow your business. Licensing has two partners one is innovative partner and the other is big organization. Many small businesses wind up either because they do not attain that level of sale or they…
Team SoOLEGAL 20 Jul 2016

How Lawyers Should Communicate with Angry Clients
Can you PLEASE all the people every time? Of course not!! But when you are in a client-centric business like advocates, then you are definitely going to face situations where clients are just not so happy with the replies or service they have received. There is no surprise lawyers and law firms find themselves in this situation most of the times,…
maheshwar Singh 2 Jul 2016

Guide on how to get Will registered in Delhi
Although registration of the Will is not mandatory U/S 17 but it is always suggested to register the instrument of the Will because in the future it is impossible to challenge the Will. Now I will discuss few steps on how you can register Will in Delhi. When you want to start with the registering process then you should have well drafted Will by a…
amit pathak 1 Jul 2016

Rape under False Promise of Marriage
Everyday large numbers of rape cases are being registered in the country. But majority of these cases are Rape under false promise of marriage. So before I move further with my write up let me explain you what exactly Rape under false promise is all about.  It says when a girl gives her consent to have physical relation with her boyfriend on the…
Team SoOLEGAL 23 Jun 2016

Government introduces Bankruptcy bill in Parliament to improve ease of doing Business
According to the bankruptcy bill introduced by the government in the parliament all the lenders, employees and shareholders can seek attachment of immovable assets (even it’s in abroad). The bankruptcy code approved by the parliament allow creditors, employees, and shareholders to start resolution process as a first sign of financial stress like…
Team SoOLEGAL 2 Jun 2016

Why Online Directory for Lawyers/Law Firm is needed
Nowadays people prefer to search for law firms on the web rather than using a hard copy of a phone directory. According to a recent survey more and more people are using online legal directories and listings to get information about the lawyers and law firms from last few years. This makes legal directory a superb and targeted source of getting qualified…
Team SoOLEGAL 25 May 2016

Best Marketing Strategies with the SOOLEGAL for your Law Firm
Being a lawyer if you do not do enough business development activities or waste time on wrong activities then there are chances that you might not get new clients. Our marketing and research team have conducted a scientific research where they found about all marketing techniques effectively works for a lawyer to come in contact with the potential…
Team SoOLEGAL 20 May 2016

Legal Consumer Trends: Search and Employ
As we all know that once people start facing any legal trouble, they start looking for attorneys. But with the help of internet they can search as well as evaluate budding legal representation- therefore helping them to actually move faster. However, there are some factors and conditions associated when consumers look for a lawyer to know whether you…
Team SoOLEGAL 12 May 2016

How Lawyers can catch moved Clients again
Lately, we have put a lot of focus on the rate at which the clients move. Well according to surveys and studies the fact shows that 42 percent of the consumers do not exactly dive for the phone even if they realize that they need any legal help. What so ever the reason is, getting in touch with an attorney is not that important for these people, may…
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