Abhey Narula 27 Sep 2016

Supreme Court comes to the rescue of women - Directs shutdown of
After years of torture that resulted in deaths of thousands of rural and poor women at the hands of government-run sterilization camps, the Supreme Court has directed the government to discontinue these camps and set a time frame of three years to achieve this. Apart from this, the court has proposed the idea of the framing of a National Health Policy…
nisha tyagi 24 Sep 2016

Delhi high court allows WhatsApp's new privacy policy to be enforced; imposes conditions
From 25 September onwards, WhatsApp can legally share information that it gets on its platform for commercial purposes with Facebook and its family of companies. Any confusion that prevailed over user information being shared by WhatsApp has now been cleared with the ruling of the Delhi high court. The Delhi high court held that WhatsApp could continue…
Abhey Narula 23 Sep 2016

Students rejoice as Delhi High Court rejects publishers' plea against photocopying
For almost four years, students studying at the north campus of Delhi University were struggling with copying notes and making compilations of study material as most of the photocopy shops around campus refused to offer photocopy services to them. This was because of an interim order by the Delhi high court in 2012 restricting photocopying of textbooks…
Aniruddha Choudhury 21 Sep 2016

What if foreign firms are allowed to practice in India?
The liberalization policy that India set out to undertake in 1991 will soon be seen making its way into the legal world. For years together, the Indian legal sector has operated as an in-house, choosing talent from within the country. However, winds of change in the form of the Bar Council of India Rules for Registration of Foreign Lawyers in India,…
Aniruddha Choudhury 15 Sep 2016

Things you should know about SURROGACY
Adoption is a process whereby brings happiness in the life’s of a childless couple and give a brighter future to an orphan child. But when a woman carries a baby in her womb for another couple and at the time of birth gives up the baby to them then it is surrogacy. Earlier commercial surrogacy grew tremendously in our country. An estimation of…
Aniruddha Choudhury 8 Sep 2016

Understand The Abysmal State of Cyber Crime, India Now.
With increasing internet penetration in the country, cyber crimes have also grown at the same rate. Their redressal however, paints a different story. Cyber crimes which consist of crime over the internet include hacking, identity theft, breach of confidentiality such as credit card details theft and other cyber frauds. Cyber crimes which have been…
Aniruddha Choudhury 31 Aug 2016

The flaws with the Transgender Bill, 2016
New Delhi: India as a country believes that they are tolerant. Tolerant of all differences in caste, race, religion, age etc. In this spirit and in a move to empower transgenders and put an end to discrimination faced by them in India, the Union Cabinet passed the Transgender Persons (protection of rights) Bill, 2016 on 20 July, 2016. On the surface,…
ryan khan 4 Aug 2016

What all you should know about GST!
In a major development, Rajya Sabha passed the constitution GST Bill with some amendments, unanimously yesterday, which was earlier approved by LokSabha in 2015. The bill got almost 203 ayes against NIL noes. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a single tax applied on the supply of different goods and services, starting from manufacturer to the end user.…
Team SoOLEGAL 3 Aug 2016

Significance of Parole in Criminal Matters
Parole is basically a provision to release a prisoner who agrees to some conditions before the completion of maximum sentence period. Parole is given by the parole board, when the offender has completed at least one third of his punishment.  To grant parole the board considers factors like offender’s behavior in the prison and rehabilitation…
amit pathak 25 Jul 2016

What Legal measures you can take to stop your employee from stealing clients
In this competitive world where you see so many new companies are coming up, you will find good competition too. This competition leads to rivalry, enemies, opponents etc. If your organization is doing well then everybody want to steal potential clients of your organization so that they can grow their business in the same way you do. There are chances…
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