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5 Things To Know About Canadian Immigration Law

5 Things To Know About Canadian Immigration Law

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world that welcomes immigrants and talented people. The immigration laws of Canada have undergone various changes over the years, and now the country is focusing on building a multicultural living experience that ensures safety and prosperity. 

If you are considering shifting to Canada, then you are not alone. People around the world dream about starting their new life in Canada. However, if you run into any problems during the immigration process, you will have to get help from Canadian immigration lawyers

Keep reading this article till the end as we are going to share with you the five approved by the Canadian immigration law you can immigrate to Canada. 

  1. Work permits

Canada is a land of budding opportunities. However, to ensure the proper completion of developmental projects across the country, there is a constant need for people from around the world who can come to Canada to complete the projects. 

Most of the work permits are connected with the approval from Labour Market Impact Assessments. However, work permits are not controlled in this way all the time. Skilled people can make their way to Canada without having to go through a tedious process. 

  1. The Express Entry route

As the name implies, the Express Entry route is the fastest way a person can make their way to Canada. This program evaluates the applicants based on their skills and then allows them to come to Canada almost every two weeks. 

It’s the goal of the Canadian government to make immigrants the permanent residents of Canada. This is why it takes less than six months for people who have come to Canada via the Express route. However, it is to be noted that you might have to pay thousands of dollars to apply for permanent nationality. 

  1. Learn about provincial nominee programs

The best thing about Canada is that not everything is controlled by the central government. Based on the needs of different provinces, the Canadian immigration law allows people to enter Canada via Provincial Nominee Programs. 

The individual provinces handle these programs, and the entry requirements are different for each province. However, it is to be noted that PNPs are simpler and provide a faster way to enter Canada. Applicants of PNPs are scanned based on their specific skills. Talented people are more than welcome to Canada through PNPs. 

  1. Family sponsorship plans

The immigration process becomes easier if you have someone in your family who can sponsor you in Canada. If you have a family member of yours who has Canadian nationality and is over 18 years of age, they can sponsor you for the nationality of Canada.  

One thing to note here is that this process can be a bit lengthy. The maximum duration for processing your application can go up to 24 hours based on your relationship with a Canadian resident. Fees differ too, depending on your relationship too. 

  1. Study permits 

There’s no doubt about the fact that the educational system in Canada is one of the best educational systems in the world. If you want to pursue higher education and want to learn from the best teachers in the world, then going to Canada can prove to be the best option for you. 

Remember that the process for applying as a student in Canada requires you to follow a complete procedure. Things like getting your Letter of Acceptance and so on can take a lot of time, so stay prepared for making changes to your schedule accordingly and complete your application process. 

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