Dharmender Kumar
Dharmender Kumar 9 Jan 2017

Law Firm: Educate your potential clients to attract more clientele
The best lawyers comprehend the matter of law all in and out but they may overlook that people outside of law might not have the similar level of knowledge and information. This absence of comprehension for the matter of law and the legal procedures can make a feeling of dread and nervousness in potential clients. That is the reason you should find…
Anuj Malhotra 7 Jan 2017

Hot Yoga Founder Bikram Choudhury Loses Lawsuit, Has to Give up His Entire Empire
  if the name Bikram Choudhury doesn't remember a bell, maybe hot yoga will. The founder of the Bikram yoga, or hot yoga as it is popularly known, Bikram Choudhury, has lost the case his former legal head filed against him, and has now been stripped of his empire and ordered to hand over his fleet of luxury cars. The 70-year-old yoga guru was…
Anuj Malhotra 7 Jan 2017

Children’s issues should be dealt according to rights: Rajendra Menon
By: PTI | Jabalpur | Published:January 7, 2017 7:06 pm Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court Rajendra Menon on Saturday said children’s issues should be dealt according to their rights. The acting Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court Rajendra Menon on Saturday said children’s issues should be dealt according to…
suyogya awasthy 6 Jan 2017

Tour de Arbitration Event Date: 1-5 March, 2017. Place: London, U.K. The organizers The Centre for Advanced Research in Dispute Settlement (CARDS) is an initiative under the aegis of D.S. National Law University, Vizag, India poised to serve for the Study of Arbitration and as an education & research symposium for individuals interested in Dispute…
Anuj Malhotra 5 Jan 2017

Incorporate Technology Because It’s What Your Clients Expect From You As A Professional
Times are not changing. Times have changed. If you hit your stride 20 years ago and are doing just fine with your Dewey decimal filing system and your computer with a 3.5” floppy drive, and are not amused by Surface Pros and Twitter accounts, there are more reasons to incorporate technology than being more efficient. Your clients, especially…
roshan raj 4 Jan 2017

F.I.R. of Mahatma Gandhi Assassination case - 1948
First Information of a Cognizable Crime Reported under Section 154, Cr.P.C.   Police Station : Tughlak Road District : Central No. : 68 Date and hour of occurence : 30.1.1948 / 5:45 P.M.   1 Date and hour when reported     2   Name and residence of informant /complainant Shri Nand Lal Mehta, son of Shri Natha Lal Mehta, Indian,…
reema rai 4 Jan 2017

Sexism Mindset: The Biggest Obstacle In Women's Fight For Equality
'SICK' NETAS, 'SICK' MINDSET The Indian women fight nearby misogynistic patriarchy is a symbol fraught behind regressive practices, discriminatory laws and openly sexist comments. Women have been combating for justice , equality, and adulation rights which they are entitled to as per the Constitution of India.  The recent victories in Haji Ali…
Anuj Malhotra 4 Jan 2017

Selfish Reasons To Help Young Lawyers Get Their Big Break
DO THE WORK, GET THE WORK ! Once in a while, a newly admitted attorney asks for career advice or job leads. For many years, I didn’t pay attention to most of these requests since I am in a similar situation. But lately, I have been reading them more closely. I pay particular attention to those who are not afraid to explain their circumstances.…
Anuj Malhotra 3 Jan 2017

Do J&K HC judges take oath to uphold Constitution: Delhi HC seeks response from J&K govt and Centre
  The petitioner has sought quashing of the Constitution Order 1954 to the extent that it adds the proviso to Article 368. Do J&K HC judges take oath to uphold Constitution: Delhi HC seeks response from J&K govt and Centre http://indianexpress.com/article/india/delhi-hc-seeks-jk-centres-response-on-jk-hc-judge-not-taking-oath-to-constitution-of-india/
Anuj Malhotra 3 Jan 2017

Law Firm Management: How To Have A Productive Meeting
Law firm meetings can be one of the most expensive uses of time but getting the most out of them is a good business strategy. At a law firm we have many meetings with other departments in order to collaborate and develop action plans making our meetings productive. Let’s take a look at how you can make your law firm meetings more productive.…
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