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List of RTI Legal Procedures in India

Right to Information Act in India

The Right to Information Act, generally known as RTI, is a revolutionary law that focuses to promote transparency in Government institutions. The principle objective of this Act is to empower the citizens, mandate timely response to individual queries for Government information and make our democracy work for the people in real sense. The Act came into existence on 15th June 2005 by the Legislation of Parliament of India, after relentless efforts of anti-corruption activists. To make it a Supreme law of India, all the constitutional authorities combined together and voted in favor of this Act with absolute majority.

The thought of commencing a fight against Government corruption laid the foundation of the Act. Under this Act, a person can demand any Government agency to furnish information and they are bound to deliver the details within 30 day period.  Even the process of filing a RTI is simple and hassle free both online and manually. Using the RTI tool could be useful in getting the information related to the progress and duration of completion of these activities.

  1. Pending Income Tax return
  2. Delayed PF Withdrawal or Transfer
  3. Delayed Passport
  4. Status of FIR or Complaint        
  5. Copied of answer sheet
  6. Delay in Scholarship
  7. Delay of Aadhar card
  8. Delay of IRCTC refund
  9. Status of ERP
  10. Property document. 

Knowledge is Power; this phrase defines the strength of this Act. It is well considered that a well-informed person is better equipped to monitor integrity of the government. The fact that all the government agencies from State to Center come under the purview of this Act, is more than enough to demonstrate the supremacy of the Act. It is undoubtedly, an innovative approach to make people informed about the Government activities.         

Twenty Government organizations are exempted from this act as these entities are related to the Defense and Intelligence of the country like RAW, BSF, CRPF, CISF, Intelligence Bureau, NSG, etc.