Amusement Rides Safety Act

An Act to make provision relating to the safety of amusement rides and matters connected therewith. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires 

adverse incident, in relation to an amusement ride, includes 

  1. (a)  any malfunction of the amusement ride;

  2. (b)  any accident arising from the operation of the amusement ride;

  3. (c)  any occurrence of fire on the amusement ride or any part thereof (including the spread of smoke or any other harmful emission arising from such fire);

  4. (d)  the collapse, breakage, dislodgement or disengagement of any structure or component of the amusement ride;

  5. (e)  any occurrence arising from the operation of the amusement ride that results or is likely to result in 

    1. (i)  any injury to or the death of any person who is using or operating, or in the vicinity of, the amusement ride; or

    2. (ii)  any person being stranded or trapped on or in any part of the amusement ride; and

  6. (f)  such other occurrence as may be prescribed as an adverse incident for the purposes of this Act.

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