Parul Madaan 7 Feb 2020 1:48pm
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Introduction In India, various acts provide for favorable arrangements for the protection of children. These laws are intended to achieve a social purpose and to prevent vagrancy and destitution and to provide a quick, affordable and rapid mechanism for providing support and maintenance to children.Statutory ProvisionsHindu Marriage Act, 1955, Section…
Parul Madaan 6 Feb 2020 5:39pm
Woman Can Also Be Prosecuted Under Laws On Domestic Violence
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Scope of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, The significance of this piece of legislation was clarified by the High Courts and the Supreme Court in India in a series of judgments. In a recent judgment, the Gujarat High Court in the case of Bhartiben Bipinbhai Tamboli v. Gujrat State and Ors, R/SCR.A/5672/2016 after reviewing thoroughly…
Parul Madaan 20 Jan 2020 5:43pm
Law to detain a woman after sunset and before sunrise
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Section 46(4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure was introduced in 2005 (hereinafter referred to as the Code) and the proviso for (1) of the section was inserted in 2009, this clause specifies the procedure for the arrest of a woman, section 46 of the act reads as follows:-” Arrest how made –1.      In making an arrest the police…
Parul Madaan 16 Jan 2020 2:35pm
Delhi High Court Critics Bare Denials And Decrees A Suit, Considered Suzuki a Well-known Mark
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Suzuki Motor v Suzuki (India) LimitedSuzuki Motor (Plaintiff) filed a lawsuit along with an interim appeal seeking injunction against the defendant and other co-defendants for violating their trademark / trade name / corporate name Suzuki. The Defendant and the other co-defendants were injuncted by provisional order of the court. However, the other…
Parul Madaan 4 Jan 2020 12:39pm
Sexual Offences Against Children: “For an Inhuman Act there should be an Inexorably Punishment”
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Sexual Offences Against Children: “For an Inhuman Act there should be an Inexorably Punishment”Children are prone to violence and abuse due to their tender age. They can also be vulnerable to adverse influences and ' at-risk ' behavior because of several reasons. As child exploitation has existed in the form of sexual molestation, child marriage, underfeeding,…
Parul Madaan 26 Dec 2019 1:50pm
Impact of GST on E-commerce
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IMPACT OF GST ON E-COMMERCEGoods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. It's a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax: comprehensive as it has subsumed almost all indirect taxes except for a few state taxes. Multi-stage as it is, the GST is levied on all stages of the production process…
Parul Madaan 24 Dec 2019 12:18pm
Controversy related to Citizenship Amendment Act
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CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT ACTBACKGROUNDThe Citizenship Act,1955 passed by the Indian government prohibited the acquisition of Indian citizenship by illegal migrants. This act described illegal immigrants as citizens of other countries who entered India without valid travel documents or who stayed in the country after the time permitted by their travel…

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