Uttarakhand HC set new barriers for public demonstration, said damaging public property is damaging the nation

Team SoOLEGAL 27 Jul 2017 6:04pm

Uttarakhand HC set new barriers for public demonstration, said damaging public property is damaging the nation

The Uttarakhand High Court as of late emphasized the limitations in which a nonviolent protest might be allowed within a democracy and observed. “No one is relied upon disrupting any public property”. Bringing Harm to public property is harm to the nation.

Justice U.C. Dhyani was hearing a plea filed by My Praveen Aggarwal, confronting a verdict issued by District Judge, Dehradun, in which defendants aren’t allowed to protest within 500 meters of the suit property still remained.

The petitioner had been allowed a permit to run a country made liquor shop. The respondents were deterring the business of the shop claiming to be affected by the presence of this shop. The court, had issued an order favoring the reasons of petitioners and barring any protest within 500 meters of the shop. This verdict was, in this manner, remained in a plea submitted by the Respondents. This temporary order of stay was now under assessment under the watchful eyes of High Court.

Deciding in the support of the petitioner, Justice Dhyani, stayed the operation of the impugned order till the petition submitted by the respondents comes in front of the district judge, Dehradun.

The court later extended the area of protest by reducing the prohibition area within 5o meters of the suit property. The existing rights of protest cannot be undermined, but alongside, care is essential to prevent any violence during the demonstration and damaging the public property, if a person is permitted to run a business won’t unnecessarily disturbed.

The court, otherwise, elucidated that the Respondents are allowed to challenge the verdict passed by the court in favor of the shop owner.

Read the Judgment Here:

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