Supreme Court reprimands Centre for clogging the court with frivolous cases

Team SoOLEGAL 1 May 2018 12:32pm

Supreme Court reprimands Centre for clogging the court with frivolous cases

New Delhi: A bench of Justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta took strong exception to centre's repeated filing of appeals on identical questions of law despite that being rejected and fined before. The Justices termed this as an attempt to clog the court and leading to delay in justice to other litigants. The observation was made by the court as it dismissed third set of appeal on the same issues with a fine of one lakh rupees.

The government had filed a set of appeals in December, which was dismissed on December 8.The same set of appeals were filed by the government in March, this time again the court dismissed these but slammed a fine of Rs 1 lakh as well. But much to court's discomfort the identical cases were filed by government in April again. This led to dismissal, fine and angry rebuke from the court.   

“Unfortunately, the Union government has learned no lesson,” the bench of Justices Lokur and Gupta said on April 24 when it came across a third set of appeals on the same issue with an identical question of law. It went on to say “But obviously, the Union government has no such concern and did not withdraw appeals from the registry. The government must appreciate that by pursuing frivolous or infructuous cases, it is adding to the burden of this court and collaterally harming other litigants by delaying hearing in their cases through the sheer volume of numbers. If the Union government cares a little for the justice delivery system, it should display some concern for litigants, many of whom have to spend a small fortune in litigating in the Supreme Court".

Further attacking the slow pace of implementation of the government’s litigation policy, the court said government is asking courts to reform and give quick decision where the reality is that major responsibility in this respect lies with the centre. It keep's harming its interest as well as the interest of the litigant as it is over crowding the court with frivolous cases.

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