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Supreme Court hearing Ramjhan Gani Palani, against the National Investigation Agency

Lawstreet Journal 9 Apr 2022 12:10am

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary Supreme Court hearing Ramjhan Gani Palani, against the National Investigation Agency

SupremeCourt hearing Ramjhan Gani Palani, against the National Investigation Agency accused in drug trafficking case allegedly with Pakistan Nationals.

ASG KM Nataraj-its strange that he was in high sea for five day and catches only 5 fish.

Petitioner- value of fishes is more than 4 lakh, highly specialised fishing which is used for medicine.

CJI- for what purpose it’s used?

Petitioner- For medicine. I have also produced the literature regarding that. Lordship certainly, 278 witnesses to be examined and no one examined so far. Total of 7 accused and 6 are Pakistan National. I have no connection with them. They were found with contraband.

They went back to Pakistan. Even according to prosecution I never contacted them. My fishing boat was near them but I have never contacted them. It’s on completely irrational suspicion. Even according to them nothing was made against me.

I am a Specialised fisherman and I am respectful person and have deep rooted connections in society.

Petitioner- Gold Fish is costly and sold in Jamnagar Gujarat. This is irrational suspicion. I have an explanation why I was in the high seas.

Justice Hima Kohli- How long you are parked there?

Petitioner- For five days, and I do that very often. Deep sea fishing It took longer. Value of fishes is more than 3.47 lakh.

CJI- What is the case?

ASG - this was the high sea operation and nothing is better than this, we have caught him on channel 8, how he used to operate with Pakistan Nationals. How he responded to the call, it could be… Continue Reading...

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