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Supreme Court Hearing on Dharam Sansad Case

Lawstreet Journal 12 May 2022 7:22pm

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary Supreme Court Hearing on Dharam Sansad Case

Sr Adv Sidharth Luthra: He’s already spent almost 6 months there’s medical condition

Justice Rastogi: What is the Dharam sansad btw?

Luthra- I’m an Arya Samaji, Idk. I’ve seen videos, People in Bhagwa kapdas got together and gave speeches

Justice Rastogi: we’re asking what’s Dharam sansad

Luthra- they’re getting together and gave speeches& crowds gathered

Justice Rastogi: Spoiling the atmosphere! Stay together peacefully, enjoy the life

Luthra- i bow down. We need to be sensitive to people and nation and our citizens I understand

Bench- Before they ask to sensitise others they’ve to sensitise themselves first. They’re not sensitised. This is something spoiling the whole atmosphere

Luthra- this is the 7th FIR

Bench to complainant counsel- whats the maximum sentence?

Counsel- 5 years 
Luthra- 3

Bench- its 3

Counsel- if religious place its 5 years

Bench- dharam sansad isn’t religious place. 3 yrs is maximum, chargesheet is filed, what do you want?

Counsel- they’re sending a message that we aren’t afraid of law.

Bench- maximum is 3, he’s been in jail since January. For 4 months he’s already been in custody. What further investigation you want from him? Its already complete

Counsel- our concern is, there’s an exception to 41 A also. He is hell bent on not following the law. He made another video on 28th.

Bench- any standing counsel for Uttarakhand?

Deputy AG is present in the court

BENCH- take notice we’ll take it next week. File the counter. We are not concerned about what happened, we’ve to take the totality of matter, punishment, period of custody, etc. what further do you want. Tell us that

Bench- Issue notice.… Continue Reading...

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