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Supreme Court to hear plea by group of doctors who are aspirants of NEET-PG 2022

Lawstreet Journal 30 Mar 2022 11:47pm

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary Supreme Court to hear plea by group of doctors who are aspirants of NEET-PG 2022

Supreme Court to hear plea by group of doctors who are aspirants of NEETPG2022 seeking extension of deadline for completion of internship beyond July 31, 2022 to accommodate interns whose internship got delayed due to compulsory covid duties.

DYC J: Any cut of will have some students on this side..

Sankaranarayanan: We have 3 states who are being affected. We are asking for small accommodation which can be reasonable.

Sankaranarayanan: Exam is in May and result is in June. Because of CoVID duties our internship got curtailed. If this accommodation will be granted for us to sit and we'll give an undertaking. Reg took place on March. They have extended the 1 year compulsory cut of date.

Sankaranarayanan: In Kerala, Bihar and J& K, the internship started late. 

DYC J: This would mean that the students who are not eligible on the cut of date would be eligible to give the exam subject to the students completing the internship.

DYC J: There would be some students on this side of line and some on that side of the line.

You can make representation, that's the best that we can say.

Our order of Feb 8 in Shivam's case, your representation has been considered or not?

Counsel: No.

DYC J: You can point out the grievance of the students from these 3 states but ultimately it's their call.

Counsel: We qualify on every other parameter. Once the course Starts, it will not make any other difference.

Justice Trivedi: Was your CoVID duty in conflict with CoVID period?

Counsel: yes. Let them just come here… Continue Reading...

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