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Posting Wife’s Nude Snaps in Public Domain Amounts to Betrayal of Mutual Trust & Confidence: HP High Court Denies Bail to Husband

Lawstreet Journal 31 Oct 2020 11:59pm

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary Posting Wife’s Nude Snaps in Public Domain Amounts to Betrayal of Mutual Trust & Confidence: HP High Court Denies Bail to Husband

The Himachal Pradesh High Court on Tuesday (27th October 2020) denied the benefit of Anticipatory Bail to Husband accused of posting and uploading nude photographs of his wife in the public domain. 

The Bench of Justice Vivek Singh observed that “not only serious but a heinous crime, posting and uploading nude photographs of the spouse, particularly of wife, in public domain amounts to betray the mutual trust and confidence which marital relations imply”. 

The facts of the case are that, after one month of solemnization of marriage with Abhishek Mangla, the petitioners had started harassing her on more or another pretext particularly for insufficient dowry. 

The husband used to record the calls of the complainant and used to beat her. Being tired of the atrocities of her in-laws, she went to her parental house, after about 1 month, her husband came there and apologized for his conduct and therefore she agreed to accompany him with the consent of her far believing that he will not beat her. But, immediately after reaching home, he again threatened her to teach a lesson to her father and thereafter again had started harassing and beating her and abusing her sister and parents on call. 

The Court is of the opinion that “The relationship between husband and wife is a privileged relationship. The institution of marriage inspires trust and confidence which leads to the complete surrender of spouses to each other. This relation of mutual trust, faith, and confidence creates a sense of security and sometimes even more than… Continue Reading...

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Abhishek mangla   1 Nov 2020 7:53am
I am Abhishek mangla . This was a pre planned game of looting. I know I did a mistake but do you really think I did it for dowry or Scooty ? The actual story is first girl and her family showed that they are good poeple . Later when the number were exchanged the girl did drama that she is madly in love with me and wrote my name on her wrist with blade. Then I thought that she really loves me (trap) afterall who cuts and write name of someone. Then she (my so called wife) and her sister said to come at my room in Delhi where I was working as a nurse before marriage because they wanted a place for staying but i thought it doesn't look good if i deny I was easily going into their trap because when they reached her sister went for shopping and left my wife at room for having sex (trap) she even had anal sex on the same day(without lubrication easily done medical checkup should be done she is not good ) and when I asked her that did you had any boyfriends in past she said yes one and he tried to rape her and she kicked him and ran away from his room and saved her life . I thought this was bad incident that happened with her and I accepted her after that within 7 days she forced to get married soon as possible or threatened me that she will suicide . I agreed and thought who will love u like her ( me fool) . In February we got married and after marriage her real behaviour came out before marriage she was so innocent and sweet and after marriage I saw her saying bad words maa ki behen and many more words . After 15-20 days of marriage she said she will have sex with my father and she will eat my father's penis . I was shocked and said "what are you saying he is in 70s are u mad " . She could have even put false against my father also these all are tactics to loot people and extort money from them . Then I ignored and I thought she is joking . As days passed her drama started she started making issues over small things and started abusing my sister. I said to her that u should not abuse it's not a good thing . Believe me I didn't used to abuse but when I was surrounded by negativity I also started abusing like her . After few days she told me that "it's difficult for me to forget my first boyfriend his penis was thick and big " I was shocked and my body was like I am dead (mere praan sookh gaye mujhe bahot bada dhakka laga ) because the girl who used to show that she is a religious person and very innocent and sweet person is saying all these things then I continued talking to her and asked this means you had intercourse with him first she insisted but when asked her thrice she agreed that she had sex with him (again shocked and my body was like I have no energy praan sookh gaye) then she told when I asked her again that your body is so loose you must have done so many times she insisted and said she had only 2-3 times but who knows how many times she had intercourse. She even said about places where she touched and played with his genitals and where she had sex with him . Then I tried to ignore and after 2-3 days I asked that you must have had more than one boyfriend she insisted as usual and again accepted that she had one more boyfriend during her college time . She even had sex with him and again she said that sex was done 2-3 times , God knows it better that whether it was 2-3 or more . And I realised that's why her body is so loose and again I was in depression and body felt the same( praan sookhna) she used to tell me that their male organ was bigger than me . I tried to tell her that I will also buy some medicine and try to make my organ bigger (to keep her happy in every way) .Then she told me about one more boy who was in her sisters college who was doing MBBS and he used to like her and he was so rich and he used to send her gifts cakes etc . I asked if he liked u so much then why didn't you both got married she said "my father didn't wanted me to get married in a Hindu family". Again I tried to ignore all these things but these things were running in my mind. As days passed I ignored all these things but they were somewhere stuck in my head then one day I took her phone and opened Facebook on her chrome browser and saw there messages of so many boys . Her friend list had more number of boys than girls . In one of her messages I saw chat with a girl who was girlfriend of her second boyfriend and there was one message that she is going to marry him. Then there was one another message from one another boy that " aaj chandigarh room pe kyu nahi aaye " again I was completely broken that what type of girl this is because she told me about her previous boyfriends and she told me that due to some conflict between them she left them and she even had some kind of settlement with her first boyfriend . When I asked her about that message she immediately took the phone and signed out of Facebook and when I aksed her about password she said she forgot and told me not to see messages as it will hurt me . I asked her why didn't you tell me about all these things before marriage I would have ignored this marriage if knew the truth before . She kept quiet and I was broken so much that I can't express my feelings . I thought the girl who didn't loved them why she will love me and she even used to talk about her father that he kept another women and her daughter separately and he gives them money and she even said that her father had one more girlfriend around 35. I was shocked that a how a priest could be like this and thought her father is like this that's why she is also like him. She even used to say BC(gaali) to her father. At that time one thing came in my mind jo baap ka and itne boyfriends ka nahi hua wo mera kya hoga because dhoka insaan ek do baar khake galti nahi karta but this girl was ridiculous . Again I tried to ignore tried to forget all these things . She even used to talk on phone for more than half hours on phone sometime for hours . I used to think that she must be talking to her friends or family because she was showing me fake love and I was told that now she is married to me and totally committed to me .I was trapped and andha in pyar afterall I was pyar ka bhooka. I even spent my 3-4 months of marriage sleeping with my father and sister along with my wife as our inverter could handle one cooler when light used to go in night . I had sexual intercourse few times when we used to get time . That was me who's thinking was to sleep together with my father and sister afterall who sleeps with family after marriage but my mind was like a child and still it is like a child . She used to tell me that she masturbated today because she feeling horny I said to her that u should not do it and u should tell me whenever you want to have it .I was trying to forget those things but i was depressed from inside sometimes i even didn't had interest in sex because those things used to come in my mind. She even told me that her mother told her that " tera pati bahot ghisse lagayega" means sex. I was shocked what type of mother says all these things to her daughter who works as a priest. They used to show themselves very sweet and good people. Then one time I heard her talking to her massi that you take bottle and lakkad inside yourself (vulgar things) again I thought what type of people they are and who talks to their mummy and aunties like this. Again i ignored things but one day she was talking on phone and when I came near to her she immediately said chal theek hai baad me call karti hu. Whenever she used to talk outside of home while walking her eyes were like a thief thats when I thought something is wrong because whenever i or my family member used to come outside she used to immediately change topic or used to say acha chal mai baad me call karti hu . This girl my so called wife was so clever. Then one day she was talking on phone and she did the same thing , i aksed her why you have disconnected the phone when I came and asked her to whom she was talking. She said she was talking to her sister. I doubted that if she was talking to her sister then why there was need to disconnect phone. I thought they must be talking about something that is not right that's why she disconnected the phone. I told her to make the call and let me listen what you guys were talking. When she insisted I dialled the number and gave her the phone , when her sister picked the phone she started murmuring and immediately my so called wife said " mujhse koi zarurat nhi baat karne ki" and immediately ended the call I got angry and told her that right now you was talking to her normally and when I came why you did like this and when I asked you to listen why you did like this. In anger I slapped her that too lightly in a way that she must not be hurt badly with my fingers not by palm. Because I used to love her and when trust is broken everything is broken. She called her father and said to him to come and take her back to her home. After two days he came and met nicely and didn't confronted about matter that why I have slapped her what went wrong, nothing. He told that we have come for ferapatta ( some ritual when married girl goes first time to her home) and he told me that you come after one month and take her back with you. I said ok . I did arrangement of their bedding keeping in mind that light goes in night. I kept cooler outside and made their bedding in outside because inside room there was so much heat and in another room there was no connection of inverter. We didn't kept him AC room because light used to go and the room was made of stone so it used to heat a lot . I thought they will suffer in hot temperature because inside room temperature was so freaking hot but outside beneath trees it was airy and far better than inside. In morning they went back to himachal and after they reached his father called and said to me that I will put a dowry case on you and your family. I said papa ji what are you taking about. He said that you asked for car, dowry and 5 lakh rupees. I said I never asked for such things why are you saying lie. He said your wife said all these things I said I never asked about anything you are saying lie , he said tujhe mai btata hu teri aukat tereko tere baap ko tumahri aukat dikhata hu mai bahot harami hu tum mujhse chalaak banre ho tujhe aur tere baap ko teri aukat dikhata hu , tum sab ko jail me band karwaunga . I told him aapko jo karna hai kar lijiye humne aisa kuch nahi kiya hai aap jhut bolre hai because I know I never demanded anything and even I rejected a girls rishta before getting married to my so called wife all because they were trying to buy me by giving me 50 lakh rs flat . I rejected that girl and married to my wife all because I never wanted money all I wanted was good person who was close to God and that's what was shown by my wife in beginning because we had everything by the grace of God . At that time my mind was so disturbed and when I get disturbed I deeply think and think a lot . After talking to her father I called my wife and asked her that when I asked you about 5 lakh, car and dowry ? She said who told u I said your father called me and saying to me all these things . My wife said he is angry that's why he is saying like this I said if I slapped u then he should say to me that why I slapped why is saying lie about dowry ,car and 5 lakh and why is saying he put me and my family behind bars for false dowry case . I asked my wife when I aksed for dowry she said no you never asked for dowry I said why he is saying like this she said he is angry right now I will cool him . I thought ok might be he is angry that's why he is saying all these things and again after one day he sent E pass photo and application to his friend and our advocate who was fighting our false cross case (my family and I was attacked by land grabbers and to make a cross case they did a false case on us ) in which it was written to SP mandi that his daughter was married to Haryana and from some days her in-laws are beating and harassing her and she wants to come home. Again my mind got disturbed that why he wrote false things if I slapped her he should write application on my name why he is saying sasural wale Pareshan and maarpeet karre hai . My repeatedly disturbed mind got disturbed once again and immediately I called my so called wife and asked her why your father is doing all these things she said he was worried about me that's why he wrote like this I said but why he wrote lie she said he was worried then she said he was not getting E pass that's why . I asked her did ever sasural walo ne pareshan kiya ya disturb kiya kabhi tereko she said no they took care of me bus kuch baatein thi jo mujhe achi nahi lagti thi I said which things she said didi mujhe kehti thi ki dhakkan thappad marke band mat karna papa kehte thay ki chota chammach nahi dena and tujhe kam dikhayi deta hai kya that too in a joking manner ( once my father asked her to count hen chicks and she counted wrong) my father eyesight is weak . All things were baseless and that were making no sense . I said why you are minding such small things they never disturbed you they never said anything wrong to you all they were trying to do is correct you and i even said tum log ye paiso k liye jhuta case dowry ka karne k liye kehre ho na I asked my wife kitne lakh chahiye tumhe she said in a suspicious sound that we are not doing this for money I asked then why you guys are doing all this. But I didn't knew what was going inside my wife and her parents mind. I told her if you want to live with me you will have to give me in written that papa is putting false allegations but as days passed once again i ignored things. In between these days when my wife was at her home i used to feel lonely and the urge to get sexually satisfied occurred inside me. I used to do video calling to my wife and we used to share private moments. As she used to be at home it was impossible for her to do it daily so i started recording it so i could see it when needed and get satisfied . I made 7-8 clips and she knew about it because I told her that I feel urge to have sex that's why I will see it because you are far . All was going normal things were getting normal and I was planning to bring my wife back because I was missing her and she was also saying to me repeatedly that come soon and I was arranging for Epass but suddenly one day my brother got threatening from a fake profile from himachal pradesh that he will beat my family wherever he will see us and the language was her father . Her father talks in same way. My mind got disturbed again because whenever someone says something about my parents my blood gets boil because they are so innocent and like cow. My mind got disturbed I had sleepless nights and after 3-4 days I called my wife and asked her why you guys are doing all this she said it's not her. I was mentally harrassed, tortured and disturbed I knew my wife is a liar and in anger I uploaded her 2-3 photos that too not completely naked because there are Facebook guidelines about inappropriate material on fake account that too at 3am I thought no-one will see everybody will be sleeping and on her account there are no friends who will see it (my disturbed mind foolish thinking) I thought she will tell me if she did it and then I will delete it but she didn't and in anger I asked her 5000(once again foolish act) that too to add money to hire a taxi to bring her back. I sent 1000 back as she asked and she told me that it's not her and she will ask her father whether he did all that. I got normal and deleted those 2-3 photos. After 10-15 minutes of uploading photos that too on new fake profile with no friends profile I deleted picture I had no intentions of making it viral afterall she is my wife and mere ghar ki izzat chahe pehle jaise bhi thi but in anger I did a big mistake for which I am getting suffered. In anger I wrote beneath the photo I like thick pe**s. I was disturbed and due to insomnia for 3-4 days my chemical balance in brain got disturbed and bad image of my wife made me do this but immediately I realised and deleted photos and account . I asked her to forgive me I was disturbed she said ok but don't do it again. I said ok but after 6-7 AM she called me and said someone saw it I said how it can be possible unless you have shown it. She said I am convincing them that it's photoshopped and the person who threatened my husband's brother did this. I was afraid of my big stupid mistake but my wife saved me that time and I thanked her a lot . Days passed I brought her back after 1.5 months but when she came back she was changed there was continuously something going inside her mind. She used to delete chats and recordings of her father from my phone in the mid of night . When i saw that she is changed and tried to make her happy and tried to start new life but she was changed and i also started drinking alcohol and smoking . Then suddenly one day after one month of coming back i was out whole day to find a job and tried to open and survey a small dhaba in partnership with my friend i was out and empty stomach whole day. When i reached home at night i asked my wife to give me food she didn't listen and kept on doing mobile stuff and i kept waited . Being hungry and waited for a hour I got angry and beated her belt once and immediately I realised shit why i did i love her again i did a mistake and in anger i started beating belt to myself to punish myself. I beated 4-5 times and my wife stopped me . I said sorry to her and thought everything will be back to normal again but she called her father and went back to her home . I begged her and her father mother to not go but they didn't listened and she said that she will not come back now i was once again broked (khoon praan sookh gaya ) because I loved her with all my heart it was difficult for me to live without her. I can not even imagine to live without her but she went to her home and gave a application to women police for false dowry and for posting photos and when I was called by police I was mentally tortured and I was pressurised to settlement of the matter by giving 20 lakh which was demanded by her father. We said don't do like this even I was on my knees begging to forgive me but he didn't listened and we said that we can't pay this big amount and he came down to 8 lakhs . IPS ILMA AFROZ was there and she gave us 10 days time to bring the money. Out of fear we came back but we were unable to arrange this amount because we were already facing financial crisis. On 10th day call came from women police station and they asked where are you we said in fear that sir we were unable to arrange money then he said toh fir case bhugto . I was shocked that 8 lakh do toh case nahi and paise nhi huay toh case . My love was priced 8 lakh . I know I did a big mistake but that doesn't mean they will extort money like this. Now I have learnt that this was all pre planned as they were saying before also to put false dowry case but this time i did this mistake. I would like to apologise for my mistake and i will get punishment also for that but now a days it has become business to get married and then money extortion is done by putting false cases. If she really loved me she would have forgiven me. If she loved me it would be impossible for her to live without me the way i am unable to live because i still love her and i dont know what to do to bring her back and to correct my mistake but she never loved me now she is ready to leave me and about to get married to someone else. One more thing to harass and mentally torture they(police drunk named vishal) have beated me and my parents when we were on anticipatory bail and joined investigation. We told her to not go on hospital duty when she was here at home with me after one month of marriage because that time there was corona on peak and lot of my and my wife's friends were getting corona and she was having fight with her duty partners too so keeping that in mind i told her to stay at home when this pandemic will end or vaccine will come we will join somewhere . We thought about her safety and she is giving this in return . Just imagine can i do this mistake which i did for a Scooty? We have everything by the grace of God but i know because negativity was around me i too became negative for a while and this big mistake was done but rest of allegations are wrong . All they want is money and all I want is love . After knowing all these things about my wife I am still ready to keep her happy but can't she forgive me that means 8lakhs are more important than a person . She can make other person also fool but what about me . Nobody is trying to understand me . My parents aged around 70 are also suffering because of me but those people have no shame that they have dragged them also . I will get my punishment. They are trying to be clever here on earth but God see everything from heaven and He will also punish whoever is involved in all this. I have recordings to prove my case . This is the truth I know I did big mistake but can't i get another chance ? Is it good to extort money in exchange of withdrawing cases ? Believe me these people are not good otherwise they should have not demanded money . This is a business now a days . I don't know what to do i am still in love with my wife because I have never been loved by a girl before I can't even imagine to live without her . If I said anything wrong please forgive me .

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