Ministry of Law and Justice seeks views of HC on new Law Teacher’s draft Bill

Team SoOLEGAL 14 Aug 2017 11:24am

Ministry of Law and Justice seeks views of HC on new Law Teacher’s draft  Bill

A new Draft named Law Teacher’s Draft Bill on Court Management has been sent to all HCs seeking their views on the bill. Draft Model Court Management Authority Bill, 2017, designed by Dr. Kalpeshkumar L. Gupta Assistant Professor-Research, Gujrat National Law University, an office memo issued by the Ministry of Law and the Justice States.

Previously in October 2013, Dr. Gupta has also proposed the bill to the Center and highlighted the requirement of this preposition. The Ministry of Law and Justice is looking forward modify and fastrack the trial proceeding and requested all the HC Administratives to discuss and forward their reply on the bill.

The long, expensive road to justice is violating the civil and personal Right of people and their liberty embobied in Article 21 of the Constitution. Today’s Generation requesting for a better Court Management Strategies which allows long cases to be concluded swiftly and accurately. People don’t want their children's to suffer the same exhaustion what they have experienced during long and expensive legal cases and demands for a speedy trial of cases, stated by Ministry of Law and Justice. Mr. Gupta further, spotlighted the ever pending cases and demanded for speedy trials under the Article 21 of the Constitution.

Also, Bill further provides for establishment of Regional Court Management Authority, with the Chief Justice of Supreme Court and High Court as Its Chairperson.

Mr. Gupta’s bill characterizes Court Administration system as containing Non-judicial aspects which will help to fastrack court proceedings and deliver a convenient justice delivery system including human resource management, case management, infrastructure management and information technology management.

It proposes constitution of a National Court Management Authority (NCMA) which comprises retd. Chief Justice of India as its Chairperson along with other members Two retd, SC Judges, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Law and Justice, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Information Technology, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Statistics and programme Implementation and Academician and Jurist.   

The members are set to be selected by the President of India, the opposition leaders and Prime Minister of India and a Union of Cabinet Minister. 

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