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Madras HC takes suo moto cognizance on Allegations of a Woman IPS officer's Sexual Harassment by Senior DGP

Lawstreet Journal 3 Mar 2021 8:49pm

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary Madras HC takes suo moto cognizance on Allegations of a Woman IPS officer's Sexual Harassment by Senior DGP

The Madras High Court has taken Suo Moto cognizance of the allegations of sexual harassment of a woman IPS Officer by her senior, Special Director General of Police (DGP). The said matter was taken by a single bench of Justice N Anand Venkatesh who criticised the incident severely. 

He went to express his resentment about how allegedly the DGP used his power and contacts to prevent the woman officer from filing a complaint against him. It was further said that if a person of the stature of an officer from the Police Service could be prevented from doing so, then what must the ordeal of other women citizens that hold no such positions. 

The Single Bench opined: 

"The victim officer in this case is a high-ranked police officer of the State Police. It took so much of struggle, for a police officer of that rank, even to give a complaint to the DGP, Chennai. This Court shudders to think as to what would have happened if the victim was an officer belonging to a lower cadre as that of a Sub-Inspector or Constable of Police. Probably, it would have become impossible for such an officer to have even given a complaint in this case. If that is the position in which lady officers are placed, it is hard to think as to what will happen if such a sexual harassment had taken place on an ordinary lady with no background." 

Brief Background

The woman officer decided to file a complaint to the DGP, Chennai against… Continue Reading...

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