Lockdown 3.0: What is permitted from May 4

Team SoOLEGAL 2 May 2020 5:41pm

Lockdown 3.0: What is permitted from May 4

NEW DELHI:The Union home ministry released specific guidelines on Friday i.e. 1st May 2020, outlining approved practices in the three zones — Red, Orange and Green — apart from what is permissible and not permitted nationally.

Here's a rundown of what's forbidden and what's permitted across the nation and in the zones:

Unauthorized practices across the nation, regardless of the zone:

·       Air, train, subway, and interstate travel by road.

·       Operation of schools, universities and other institutions of education and instruction and coaching.

·       Leisure facilities including hotels and restaurants

·       Locations with large public events such as cinemas, malls, gymnasiums, sporting centres, etc.; private, financial, cultural and other forms with meetings and religious venues or places of worship for the public.

·       The travel of people shall stay strictly banned between 7 pm and 7 am for all non-essential operations.

·       In all cases, people over 65 years of age, those with co-morbidity, pregnant women and children under 10 years of age shall remain at home, except to fulfil necessary criteria and for health reasons.

Activities Permitted:

·       Mobility of people by air, rail and road is permitted for particular reasons only for reasons permitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

·       Out-patient departments (OPDs) and medical clinics can function in red, orange and green regions with social distancing and other safety measures. However, they would not be allowed inside the containment areas.

·       All merchandise traffic is to be allowed and no State or Union Territory shall hinder the flow of goods for cross-border trade under treaties with neighbouring countries.

Red Zone:

·       Within these areas, beyond the containment zone, some practices are forbidden in addition to those banned in the nation.

·       These include rickshaws and auto rickshaws, taxi and cab aggregators, intra- and inter-district bus and salons, spas and lounges.

·       Some other restricted practices are permitted in the Red Zones.

·       The travel of people and cars is only allowed for licensed operations, with a limit of 2 persons (in addition to the driver) in four-wheeled vehicles and no pillion passenger for two-wheelers.

·       Shops in urban centres for non-essential commodities are not permitted in malls, markets and retail complexes.

·       Moreover, all stand-alone (single) stores, community (colony) stores and shops in residential communities are permitted to stay open in urban areas without any differentiation between essential or non-essential.

·       Industrial facilities in urban areas such as Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Export-Oriented Units (EOUs), industrial parks and industrial townships with authentication have been authorized.

·       Private organizations can function with up to 33% strength as per specification, with the remaining workers working from home.

Orange Zone:

·       In addition to the practices allowed in the Red zone, taxis and cabaggregators are only allowed with 1 driver and 1 passenger.

·       Inter-district travel of persons and vehicles may only beauthorized for approved activities. Four-wheeler automobiles willhave a limit of two riders plus the driver and for two-wheelerpillion rides will be permitted.

Green Zone:

·       All operations are allowed except for the small number of activities forbidden in the region, irrespective of location.

·       However, busses can run with up to 50 per cent boarding ability and bus depots can function with up to 50 per cent capacity.

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