Kannada Lawyer-Activist Hacked to Death by Unidentified Assailants

Team SoOLEGAL 30 Jul 2018 5:30pm

Kannada Lawyer-Activist Hacked to Death by Unidentified Assailants

Renowned lawyer and activist Ajit Nayak was brutally murdered on Friday night by unidentified persons in Dandeli, a small town in Uttara Kannada.

The incident occurred when Nayak was returning home from his office located at JN Road at around 9:30 pm. He was attacked by an unknown number of assailants with lethal weapons, leaving him critically injured.

Nayak was rushed to the hospital by passers-by, but was declared dead on arrival. His death triggered several demonstrations in Dandeli, Sirsi and Karwar.

Further, members of the bar associations in the nearby towns of Sirsi and Karwar following Nayak’s killing boycotted court proceedings on Saturday.

Although, the police is yet to find any leads in the case, but suspect Nayak’s activism to be the cause behind the attack.

Mr. Nayak was the president of the Dandeli Taluk Horata Samiti and an active campaigner in the Kali Bachao Andolan, a movement to safeguard the Kali River from damming, industrial pollution and rampant sand mining.  

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