German court sentences Palestinian jihadist accused of stabbing a person to death to jail for life

Team SoOLEGAL 3 Mar 2018 4:34pm

German court sentences Palestinian jihadist accused of stabbing a person to death  to jail for life

Ahmad Alhaw, 26, a Palestinian asylum seeker who stabbed a man to death and injured six others in a rampaging attack in German supermarket at Hamburg was jailed for life by a German court. Delivering the verdict the judge said 'particular severity' of crimes lowered Alhaw's chances of parole.

Last year on July 28, the man picked up an 8-inch knife from a shelf in Supermarket and went on a stabbing spree. One person died and six others were injured. He kept on chanting 'Allahu Akbar'and tried to kill as many German Christians as possible. The apparent motive was atrocities committed against Muslims worldwide and avenging those.

The man admitted to the murder and assaults in the river port city of Hamburg.

The prosecutors in the case said, " The failed Palestinian asylum seeker wanted to 'contribute to jihad.The attack stemmed from a 'radical Islamist' motive and Alhaw hoped to 'die as a martyr', he wanted his actions to be viewed in the context of an Islamist attack, and understood as a contribution to jihad worldwide".

A 20-year-old store assistant who witnessed the attack said: 'I saw him run toward me, covered in blood. He was radiating bloodlust.'However he was stopped by a group of immigrants, who threw stones and chairs at him to slow his down till the police arrived.

Before this incident, a Tunisian Asylum seeker had killed 12 people by ramming a stolen truck into them while they were at Berlin Christmas market.

Like Amri, Alhaw was due to be deported after his asylum application was rejected, although this process was slowed down as they had to wait for identity documents. Ahaw told the court through an Arabic translator that in 2009 he applied for asylum in Norway after midway leaving dentistry course in Egypt.After his application was rejected, he moved around the EU, living in Sweden, Spain and finally Germany.

He adopted Western lifestyle and enjoyed drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, with only 'phases' of religiosity.

But 'he had the feeling that he was not welcome in these countries,' he added.He watched online ISIS propaganda video, and became a fanatic and was drawn to violent ways.

Alhaw had told interrogators that the crime 'had some connection with events on the Temple Mount' in Jerusalem, where Israeli authorities had recently imposed anti-terror controls for Muslim worshippers'

Investigators, however, did not find any evidence to suggest that Alhaw was a member of ISIS.

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