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7 Former Civil Servants seek an Authoritative Ruling on Scope of "Hate Speech" in SC in case against Sudarshan News

Lawstreet Journal 15 Sep 2020 9:41pm

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary 7 Former Civil Servants seek an Authoritative Ruling on Scope of "Hate Speech" in SC in case against Sudarshan News

Seven former civil servants have filed an application in the Supreme Court in the case against Sudarshan News. One of the controversial shows named ‘UPSC Jihad’, claimed to “expose” a “conspiracy to infiltrate Muslims in government service”. The show is hosted by Sudarshan News editor in chief Suresh Chavhanke because it is a part of a series titled 'Bindas Bol'.

Supreme Court refused had to impose a pre-telecast ban on the show on August 28 and after two weeks, this move was taken. The show had been scheduled for August 28,2020 but the Delhi high court had stayed its broadcast. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting then issued a statement on September 9, they allowed Sudarshan News to go ahead.

Gautam Bhatia drew an intervention application and Anas Tanwir who is an advocate, filed this on records, the intervenors urged the apex court to issue an authoritative ruling to specify the meaning of “hate speech”.

The seven former bureaucrats:-

1.Ex IAS Amitabha Pande

2. Ex IFS Navrekha Sharma

3. Ex IFS Deb Mukharji

4. Ex IAS Sundar Burra

5. Ex IAS Meena Gupta

6. Ex IAS Pradeep K. Deb

7. Ex IAS Ardhendu Sen

All of them have submitted that they are all members of the informal collective known as the Constitutional Conduct Group.

The freedom of speech and the right of every citizen to fair and equal treatment, both were considered balanced earlier only but the intervenors sought that the apex court distinguish between offensive speech and hate speech, so that citizens, implementing authorities, and courts receive clarity on speech that… Continue Reading...

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