CJI Khehar speaks against allegation of nepotism at I-Day Event organized by SCBA

Team SoOLEGAL 16 Aug 2017 12:05pm

CJI Khehar speaks against allegation of nepotism at I-Day Event organized by SCBA

The Outgoing Chief Justice of India J S Khehar on I-Day refuted the allegation of nepotism against selection process of Judges and said that aspersions should not cast on sons and daughters of previous or acting Judges who secured their reputation as Judges with their own talent.

CJI Khehar who barely have 2 weeks left for his retirement, refused allegation for misusing his powers in order to promote his Chandigarh Based son to become a Judge.

The issue was raised by Supreme Court Bar Association President RS Suri among various other Judges, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, and several Advocates at the most unlikely venue, the Independence Day Event organised by SCBA.

In his speech, President Suri asked why there are several reports of the Supreme Court receiving list of appointments for several High Courts with dozens of Judges whose Sons, Daughters and relatives are also Judges, while some of them are not even eligible for the post, said reports.

He raised the question

“Why most of the Judges who became SC Judges are Sons and Daughters of acting or previous Judges? Why is it that 80% of the panel is filled with Sons and Daughters of the Judges? These things have to be explained logically so that we give some chances for other persons also to come up the ladder because they too are able and capable. We have an excellent relationship with the judiciary but we have to be given our due.”

In response CJI Khehar said

“About a month ago, I woke up in a morning and read the newspaper which said Chief Justice’s Son appointed a panel of Government. I immediately called him up and asked Son are you on the Government panel? He said, no father. I am not on any Government Panel. They said there is another Khehar on the panel and they assumed it me. Then I asked, Did you get a letter from the Government appointing you? He said, no, I asked him if he takes an occasional brief from the Government, So what appears as a misuse of authority may not be a misuse of authority, Mr. President.

CJI Khehar also mentioned of a young lawyer who refused to be a Judge as he felt that people will say he is a judge because his father is also Judge.

“There was an International Conference on arbitration I attended. There I met a yound enthusiastic Lawyer and I was told he practices in Delhi High Court. I was impressed with him and even Judges of Delhi High Court there spoke highly of him. When I met him Later I asked him why you do not become a judge. He said, No sir, everybody will say that I am a judge because of my father. So Mr. President please Do not say that the Cji said again looking at Suri.”

These candidates are bright and possess intellectual abilities and deserve to be appointed as a Judge in Supreme Court, whether come from a family of Judges or not. I am not saying that other candidates are not equal to them, but in an Independent Country we all stand to achieve whatever we can achieve with own strength. Everybody gets a chance, but only winners reach the top of the ladder, whether you are a judge’s child or not.

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