China, America and the international order after the pandemic

Team SoOLEGAL 1 Apr 2020 2:16pm

China, America and the international order after the pandemic

While people around the world are falling ill, financial economies are convulsing and supply chains are crashing, COVID-19 may also lead to change in  international relations as we know it. No analyst can predict when the crisis would come to an end, far less predict the future that we will meet at its conclusion. Yet, as analysts have begun to realize, that probably  

Foreign policy analysts have noticed the power to shift in favor of China and hoped for gradual, positive reform within the current framework, rather than the US-China war. 

It is probably too early to foresee that the international order is going to change and China would come out stronger. Although, a few sections of the US foreign policy must be modified for Washington to maintain its leading position in the framework. 

Novel coronavirus that emerged in China and spread partly due to Chinese government’s mismanagement might result into a reorder of the world economics to the advantage of Beijing. The Chinese Communist Party suppressed the virus news to protect its own authority from the welfare of the Chinese people and the world. Yet, as the domestic crisis seems to have been brought under control (though official case numbers are suspected), the group has begun to position itself as an international health member. It may well continue to combat coronavirus disease at home, but leaders in Italy, Serbia, and the European Union are thanking China for providing medical supplies. 

The US President has not only denied the threat but also ignored scientific expertise and has left the state and local governments to defend themselves against breaches of public confidence of the highest order. But this domestic calamity is also a direct consequence of "America First" foreign policy: the implications of a global strategy that ignores the role of international organizations, alliances, and organized collaboration in keeping the American people secure. 

When China emerges from this epochal crisis as a strong nation, it will not be the unavoidable product of a systemic shift. it will be grateful for Washington's calamitous domestic mismanagement and myopic foreign policy. However, if, as part of its own recovery, the United States is willing to return to a policy that seeks domestic stability and development through international cooperation, it is likely to help create new types of order that avoid the next crisis. The future looks vague but it's not lost yet.

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