Michel Smith 3 Dec 2018 6:19pm
When You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney for Your Legal Matter?
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From a divorce proceeding to a dispute with your employer, to drafting a will or other legal document, there are innumerable situations that could leave you wondering whether you are better off enlisting the help of an attorney. Below are some of the most important things to consider when you need to decide when you should consider hiring an attorney…
Michel Smith 22 Nov 2018 5:43pm
Top 6 Tips to kickstart your Career in Law
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Have you been considering a career in Law but don’t know where to begin? Here are top 6 tips on how you should begin your legal career: Conduct Self-Assessment – to become aware of your interests Before kick starting your journey as a lawyer, perform an honest self-assessment to decide whether the legal career is a good fit for you or not. To do so,…
Michel Smith 16 Oct 2018 5:12pm
The Responsibility of Association Leaders
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You want to found an association and become the leader? It is very important to find out about your future liability regime.  In certain circumstances, your liability may be incurred and thus harm your association and reputation. Find all our explanations.The civil liability of association leadersAssociation leaders are mandataries within…
Michel Smith 2 Apr 2018 6:34pm
New York's Juvenile Lifers still await freedom
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A federal class-action lawsuit was filed against the New York State Parole Board, on Tuesday, claiming that the parole board violates the constitutional rights of juveniles – sentenced to a minimum number of years by ignoring their prison records.The lawsuit filed by Carlos Flores seems to have sparked debate over the issue of denial of parole applications…
Michel Smith 5 Jan 2018 11:48am
France: Justice ministry plans to fit landline phones in every prison cell
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Justice ministry of France plans to install landline phones in prison cells in an ambitious attempt to improve rehabilitation rates and reduce rampant mobile phone trafficking behind bars. The justice ministry said on Tuesday it had called for bids to operate the service after successful tests at one prison since 2016.But inmates’ new freedom to call…
Michel Smith 26 Dec 2017 4:34pm
Why the legal system fails victims of Sexual Harassment
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One reason women are accusing men of sexual harassment in the press, rather than the courts: The legal system that’s thought to investigate, address, and prevent sexual harassment has failed them for decades.The conclusion from a review of 1,000 above job discrimination cases by two law professors: Sandra Sperino at the University of Cincinnati,…
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