Lakshay Parmar 17 Nov 2020 2:07pm
Arguments between Harish Salve and Kapil Sibal in the Supreme Court pertaining to Arnab Goswami Suicide Abetment Case
1944 0 0
This case involves the arrest of Republic T.V Chief Editor Arnab Goswami by the Mahrashtra Police for a case involving Abetment to suicide. An architect and his mother committed suicide in 2018 and in their suicide note it was alleged that Arnab Goswami along with two other people owed them an amount of 5.4 Crores. The case was closed in 2019 and was…
Lakshay Parmar 19 Sep 2020 3:45pm
Analysis of Death Penalty: An Overview
1022 0 0
Analysis of Death Penalty in India: An overviewDeath Penalty or a Death Sentence refers to a punishment given to an offender by a court of law for committing a grievous offence. The key ingredient of Death Penalty is that it must be awarded in accordance with law by a competent court and it should not be confused with extra-judicial killings. The provision…
Lakshay Parmar 1 Sep 2020 6:00pm
Admissibility / Validity Of Electronic Signatures in Poland and Dubai
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Is Docusign/Electronic signatures valid in Poland and Dubai Admissibility of E-signatures in Poland: In accordance with Polish law, a written signature for a valid contract is not necessarily required. Contracts are usually valid if the legal competent parties agree orally, electronically or on paper (Art. 60 and Art. 66 of the Polish Civil Code)…
Lakshay Parmar 4 Aug 2020 6:06pm
Difference between Design and Trademark- A brief note
1960 0 0
Intellectual Property in today’s day and age has undoubtedly acquired the status of a major area in law. Basically, this property means the creation or invention of a product/service through putting in mental labour and effort by an individual or a group of individuals. Through this area of law i.e. Intellectual Property Rights, one can enjoy the exclusive…
Lakshay Parmar 16 Jun 2020 6:10pm
Indeed a good decision with regard to the current situation
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For the full article please refer the link below TOI
Lakshay Parmar 20 Mar 2020 4:52pm
The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 – its scope and applicability in today’s era with reference to COVID-19
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India is currently undergoing its epidemiological transition period. Our health care system is forced to tackle chronic non-communicable diseases while struggling to reduce the burden of communicable diseases. In India the burden and scope of infectious diseases is massive as they already contribute around 30 per cent of the disease…
Lakshay Parmar 4 Mar 2020 4:14pm
The defense of insanity has become advantageous for criminals
1717 0 0
In the case of insanity, it is presumed that the accused suffered from severe mental instability when the crime was committed, which is why he could possibly not understand the gravity of the crime committed by him or her. In a nutshell, the individual at the time of commission of the offence was not aware of his actions due to the unsoundness of …
Lakshay Parmar 25 Feb 2020 11:36am
Can circumstantial evidence be the sole basis for conviction - Md. Younus Ali Tarafdar v State of West Bengal (Criminal Appeal No. 119/2010) - Case analysis
1569 0 0
Issue: Current case questions the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court judgment whereby the Appellant was convicted under Section-302 read with Section-34 and Section-201 read with Section-34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Background/Facts: A phone call was received by Rajarhat Police Station, stating that a dead body has been found inside a well. …
Lakshay Parmar 21 Feb 2020 4:25pm
Can two trademarks be deceptively similar phonetically or visually? [Starbucks Corporation v. Sardarbuksh Coffee & Co. & Ors, CS (COMM) 1007/2018]
11782 0 0
The essence of a trademark is that, it can be uniquely identified by a purchaser in the market. Also, a trademark carries a whole lot of attributes, most important being the goodwill it has earned over a period of time. When can it be said that a trademark is deceptively similar to another and what effect does it has on the party whose trademark is…
Lakshay Parmar 20 Feb 2020 4:28pm
Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019- Traffic laws updated
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IntroductionIndian roads are known to be one of the worlds most dangerous. Uncertain road conditions including sharp curves, potholes and steep grades have proved to be very deadly. During 2017, according to data of the Ministry of Transport and Roads (MTR), potholes cost 3,597 lives. This is an increase of 55% compared to 2016. Almost…

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