Bhumesh Verma 9 Sep 2019 5:54pm
Whistleblowing in India: The Way Forward
1012 1 0
IntroductionNon-transparency and irregular reporting to Government and market regulators has been the primary cause of corporate corruption around the world. In any corporate set-up, invariably some of the employees are well versed with the workplace activities and are also aware of any kind of misconduct taking place. Despite being the first people…
Bhumesh Verma 2 Sep 2019 1:34pm
Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes
948 0 0
Deposit schemes are one of the easiest modes to generate money for the fraudsters. Usually, middle / poor strata of Indian society is an easy target for the fraudsters organizing deposit schemes.As a common phenomenon, fraudsters initiate a deposit scheme with ridiculous incentives to grab the attention of people. Uninformed people seeking quick and…
Bhumesh Verma 31 Aug 2019 6:15pm
Big Bang Banking Reforms: Consolidation of Indian Public Sector Banks
1198 0 0
Contributed by Harshita VermaWith an aim to strive towards a USD 5 trillion economy and cleaning up the banking sector notoriously saddled with NPAs, the Government of India has prescribed the consolidation pill yet again.Yesterday, the Finance Minister announced another significant round of consolidation of Indian Public Sector Banks (PSBs) with 10…
Bhumesh Verma 29 Aug 2019 12:59pm
Indian government in FDI reforms overdrive mode
1037 0 0
Amidst signs of Indian economy losing pace, job losses and other worrisome indicators, Indian government has announced multiple measures to boost the foreign direct investment flow (FDI) in the country yesterday.One of the most significant sector impacted by these announcements is the retail trading sector. The government has indicated easing of local…
Bhumesh Verma 22 Aug 2019 10:10am
Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019 - salient features
3169 0 0
The much awaited the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was passed by the Parliament recently with the objective to augment more transparency/accountability in compliance/business management of the Indian corporate sector and to reinforce the corporate governance regime.Some outstanding features of the new / amended provisions are de-criminalization…
Bhumesh Verma 17 Jun 2019 10:26am
Question Marks on Efficacy of the Principle of Constructive Notice
1103 0 0
The doctrine of constructive notice is often criticised for being used extensively and harshly against the parties, particularly in property related matters. In certain situations, the parties might not have the means or resources to inquire or acquire knowledge about the title of a property and other related information.In India, it is a major problem…
Bhumesh Verma 11 Jun 2019 2:39pm
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BACKGROUNDTill about 30 years ago, legal profession in India was assumed to be a very elite profession, made only for those who were very resourceful and born with a silver spoon or had the profession running in the family for generations.There is a marked change in market perception in the eyes of parents, students and the society about the legal…
Bhumesh Verma 6 Jun 2019 5:18pm
Keyword Advertisement and IPR Considerations
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In today’s digital world, the internet is probably the most intrusive and effective way to make yourself known and available to the global community. In the last decade or so, online advertising has become the easiest way for corporates to advertise their products and services. The internet’s ability to find, attract and target customers is unmatchable.Keyword…
Bhumesh Verma 3 Jun 2019 3:03pm
India to embrace artificial intelligence in big way
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to natural intelligence (NI) which is displayed by humans and animals. AI is also known as machine intelligence.The advent and continuous growth of AI are throwing up new possibilities, challenges, and debates each passing day. The entire world is considering…

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