How to make Online Banking Safe or Prevent internet Banking fraud by Bivas Chatterjee
Bivas Chatterjee 2 Jun 2019

How to make Online Banking Safe or Prevent internet Banking fraud by Bivas Chatterjee

How to make Online Banking Safe or Prevent internet Banking fraud by Bivas Chatterjee

In this article, I shall discuss how to make you safe in online-Banking and what are the reliefs we have and and in case of crime where to file complain. The most important aspect is whether we share our valued data or compromise our data or not. If we do not share our PIN, OTP and other personally identifiable date, then we have our every relief open. 

Following  safety measures are preferably to be taken in time of doing net-banking:

  • Avoid Installation of any bank from searching browser or anywhere else, download it from the bank’s own website
  • Going through the URL confirm website of the bank please see confirm the website
  • Avoid any app which mediate or provide common platform  for various apps of banks
  • If the phone is use for mobile banking lock your phone with strong password carrying character number or special character, mixed together
  • You should not do net-banking from the free wifi or public wifi
  • Protect your personal computer with antivirus and fire walls
  • Download app from trusted website in doing net-banking using private window of the browser is preferred so that any net-banking window is preserved
  • Avoid physical keyboard and use virtual keyboard if available
  • Use trusted and secure browser
  • You should disable autofill option in browser setting
  • Always make financial transaction with a website or page starting with https and avoid website or page starting with http
  • After completion of transaction log out from the system
  • Checkout your bank balance regularly
  • Dictionary word or your identifiable words are to be avoided in choosing password

Avoid fishing

  • You must avoid any link any message or any phone call stating to be form a bank. No bank in this world will call anyone and ask for OTP and others over phone. 


1) As per July, 2017 Notification by RBI, if your money been syphoned fraudulently from your bank and in case you have not share OTP or other personal banking data and intimate the banking authority within 3 days from the date of information you obtained, then you will get back the money from bank. 

Even if money has been syphoned due to your latches of compromising data, then also you will be compensated if after intimation of the bank your money gets syphoned off. You can study the notification at :

The same is also applicable on mobile wallet fraud. 

2) If you are getting reliefs you may knock the door at banking ombudsmen. You can get the entire Banking Ombudsmen Scheme, 2006 as amended 2017 at :

3) If are not satisfied with above, then you can knock the door of Consumer Forum.

4) Another alternative option may be to knock the door of Cyber Adjudicator framed under section 46 and other provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended and rules made there under for authorised access of your valuable personally identifiable data.  

Keep doing online Banking and keep surfing safely. Be aware …..awareness is everything. For more information you can visit my YouTube Channel at : or watch my videos at :


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