How To Improve Client Retention as a Lawyer
Anuj Malhotra 21 Apr 2017

How To Improve Client Retention as a Lawyer

It’s a lot easier to keep an existing customer than to find a new one—that’s an adage that rings true for any business but especially for the business of law.  If you’re working with clients who need ongoing or periodic legal services, increasing your retention rate by as little as 5 percent can increase your profits by 25 percent or more. In other words, just a little effort put into retaining existing clients can go a long way. Let’s explore some strategies you can use to retain existing clients at your law firm.

Positive Social Proof

Even if you already have a customer’s business, reminding them that other people find your legal services valuable is important to keeping them as a customer.  Positive social proof such as testimonials, news articles featuring your law firm, or announcements about your involvement in the community will go a long way in making your customers want to stay with your law firm. Positive social proof is more effective than negative social proof because it focuses on the positive qualities of your law firm instead of the negative aspects of your competitors.  If you’re reaching out to customers via a newsletter, try to share positive social proof every time.

Special Status

If you’ve laid a strong foundation for attracting the right kind of clients, you can offer VIP treatment to those customers who fit your “ideal client” profile.  This status could include sharing special information with your VIPs or holding special workshops that help them explore legal problems that may uniquely impact their industry. Clients who feel they are getting VIP treatment are more likely to continue to do business with your law firm, and they may refer more business your way.

Capture Momentum

As your clients make their way through the legal process, you should examine how you can be of service to them after their case has closed.  This will take a little mental work to figure out what legal problems they may have and what solutions or preventative measures you can help them put in place so that they don’t run into legal issues in the future.  Presenting this information to them towards the end of their current case or legal issue is critical to retaining them as a customer.  If you’re able to leverage the momentum of their current legal issue to help steer them to your other legal services, you will help them and your business in the long-term.

Make It Painless

People seek out attorneys because they’re hoping to make their lives easier and reduce the amount of distress they’re experiencing. If you can make the legal process as painless as possible, you will significantly increase the chance of clients continuing to do business with you.  Dealing with a legal issue is painful; lawyers who can reduce that pain are in high demand.

Have Values

Your law firm should be more than a service provider who ploughs through the legal system—you should also have a set of values that clients can connect to.  Ask yourself, what do we stand for?  For example, if you’re an immigration attorney, maybe your value system is about helping new Americans achieve the American dream by gaining citizenship.  Any law firm that can clearly express their values is more likely to attract and keep clients who share those values.

Retaining your best clients is just as important as gaining new ones.


By : Lynn Luong 

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