Bank Lending - A Need for Fresh Approach !

Bank Lending - A Need for Fresh Approach !

The sad episode of Cafe Coffee Day chief ending his life as a result of debt burden has once again raised a high degree of intrigue concerning failure and bankruptcy of once blue-chip enterprises. The reason for such failure must be explored especially when the banks are reeling under huge bad debts of their loans. In fact, the banks are going after recovering the bad loans with all their efforts but nobody is bothered about the preventive methods which are essential at the time of granting loans. Due to faulty due diligence and motivated officials, huge loans are disbursed to undeserving borrowers who lose money owing to bad business management. So to avoid this horrifying situation, strict control is required at the time of appraisal of the projects and loans disbursed to sound projects only. In that case, the banks will be spared from taking the fruitless exercise of recovering money from bankrupt borrowers. Prevention is better than cure.

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