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Stay on Jagannath Rath Yatra lifted by the Supreme Court

Lawstreet Journal 24 Jun 2020 1:57am

Image courtesy: Lawstreet Journal Judiciary Stay on Jagannath Rath Yatra lifted by the Supreme Court

The Jagannath Rath Yatra, a major festival in the state of Odisha, attracting more than a million devotees, was put on an absolute stay earlier by the authorities due to the risk of infection in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It holds great religious significance to the devotees of Lord Krishna and the entire state of Odisha.

The Supreme court has now allowed the Rath Yatra, observing strict conditions. It clarified that the yatra would not take place at the cost of people’s health. Several guidelines were issued by the court covering all the aspects regarding social distancing and prevention of virus being spread.

Restriction on all entry points, the imposition of a strict curfew on days of the yatra, and similar measures were imposed. The court fixed the number of people pulling the chariot, i.e. 500, the interval between processions (1 hour), and all the other important details. Strict orders to make sure that people participating should be tested for coronavirus have been passed. Any infected person will not be allowed to participate in the whole festival. Social distancing has also been made compulsory at all times. 

Moreover, the presence of only people required for the festival to take place smoothly has been ordered with emphasis on having as few people as possible. The liability for any breach or problems caused would lie with the Temple Administration Board. A record containing names of participants along with medical history will have to be maintained before the festival takes place. 

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