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Legal topic: Employment | City: Chandigarh | To represent my case | Posted on 4 Apr 2018

The Director



Sub: Biased behavior and mental harassment by Dr.Ajit Avasthi Head of the department, Department of Psychiatry, PGIMER

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that Dr.Ajit Avasthi Head of the department, Department of Psychiatry, PGIMER repeatedly issuing some false complaints letter against me. After my joining here as a medical social worker in the department of psychiatry I had a few issues with other working staff which are not unique in any working place. It’s a normalcy that in every office there will be a conflict between workers and it is the responsibility of head to involve and solve those issues for the smooth functioning but in my case head of the department never been supported or tried to know where mistake is. He repeatedly labeling me that I am wrong and threatening me that I am on probation. He says he is a politician and he can torture me in any aspect and also says no court case win against him. He never listened to me and asked me what I have to say. He always takes decision without hearing my words and also he says in front of him no one should talk. He is raising issues without any valid reason and from the very first day he is scolding me and also using unprofessional word in front other working staff. Being a head of the department it does not mean that he can harass the subordinate. He is harassing me unnecessary and forcing me to leave the job. Why doesn’t he allow his subordinate to talk or discuss their issues with him? His principle is, in front of him no one should talk. Then how come he can solve his subordinate problems. Till today he has never allowed me to talk. He is using authoritative and autocratic pattern of leadership. I am not his slave. He should not target me and disturb me by issuing this kind of false complaints without any valid reason. I am mentally disturbed because of his torture. I am here to work and let me work. Simply because I am on probation it does not mean that he can harass me every time. His complaints are baseless. I asked him to change my duties with senior’s duties but HOD denied for the same. I am educated and teachable I deserve a chance to learn rather than being pressurized. There were some issues regarding the Hospital Attendant- Sukhdev who is irresponsible, insidious, arrogant and disrespectful by nature. I tolerated him for six months but when he crossed the limits, I gave a written complaint against him (Attached herewith). HOD turned a blind eye towards it. Additionally, he asked me to make a verbal apology to the attendant. Thereafter he changed my posting from psychiatry opd to community psychiatry as a punishment. I have to go to village by village, street by street, house by house to work. It may be suitable for a male social worker but for a female social worker. Working in a community for a female it is unsafe but still I am managing with lots of difficulties. One day driver left me in DDTC (PGIMER Campus) for being late for few minutes and went to community by my own. When I asked about this to the driver he behaved be in a unprofessional way and on the top of it he also written a false complaint to the HOD and for this I was asked to give a written explanation for doing nothing wrong but still I did so.   So, it tell his favourism not only with the attendant but also with the driver continued. He makes, open statements that I am having personality disorder and I am a big disaster. It makes me feel traumatize and grieve. I regret joining in PGIMER, Chandigarh because of his mental harassment. It causing me guilt, loss of concentration, isolation, low self esteem, feelings of  being powerless, irritable, job insecurity, anger, headaches, sleep disturbances, highly decreased job dissatisfaction. He has made unfavorable performance evaluations for me. He will not promote me and will try his best to lose me this job. So far he has issued three warning letters for three different issues even though I was right in those situations. He did not try to know what the issue is. And also he should have called me to investigate the matter but he has never done so, he should have issued the warning letter to the person who created the issue but he has never done, it shows his injustice and partiality nature towards me.

It's just about two months I have to complete my probation period, but he started creating hurdles for. Currently, he forcefully pressurising me to join the place OPD as my workplace. For that I have send him a formal email letter to decline the transfer by mentioning the particular reasons too. But he threaten me for the same and created mental harassment to terminate for the employment. I visited deputy director to make a plea for changing my department to come out of this stress. He assured me to give me transfer, but due to the unavailability of director and other formalities that transfer is pending. Till the time, I was continueing my duties as usual with patience at community services but today I have seen everyone at workplace was commanded by HOD  in a way not to allow me to work in any  place of psychiatry unit except OPD. I was surprised to see that my name and its row was cut with red pen from the register stating that she is transferred to OPD. On the spot,  with the community team I started feeling headache and feverish and came back to my room. I informed HOD via email and other authorites via making a call regarding my unwell condition.

      It is a humble request to you kindly provide a solution of this pathetic condition.

After my joining he assigned me clerical duties those do not comes under social work profession and are not available in written anywhere. 

These duties included:

Making files for JRs everyday without seeking any help for which he is labeling me as slow at work. 

Collecting cards and necessary token money from the patients.

Go to the MRD staff for generating specific card numbers like Psychiatry No, Geriatric No, CGC No etc.

Making entries in the registers on daily basis.

Preparing doctors diaries and making entries for each of them on daily basis.

Making entries and feeding data in the computer for SRs

Record keeping and taking responsibilities of it.

Removing the record from the large number of records that kept in the heavy bunch and keeping it back at the same place. Doing this requires lot of physical efforts. 

Visiting court for unknown cases. They sent me alone to attend the court with my own conveyance for which I was not paid.  In fact, I was not dealing with the case. No information was given in this regard. 

Comparing my capabilities with my senior and ask me to work as of him.

Creating mental pressure to increase the speed of work and labeling me for saying, “She is slow at work”. Morning work requires at least 2 hours finishing it but they ask me to finish it within sharp 1 hour comparing me and saying if senior can do why can’t you.

Thanking you,

Date: 4.4.18

Place: Chandigarh

 Yours faithfully

Meenu Kumari

Medical Social Worker-ll

Department of Psychiatry

Status: / 1

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