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Legal topic: Civil Law | City: Kolkata | I need a lawyer for legal opinion | Posted on 28 Feb 2018

Seeking Legal Advice on Menace of Stray Dogs and their Removal from Large Residential Complex.

We live in one of Eastern India's largest enclosed Residential Complex of approximately 2000 families and growing. The area is spread over 100 acres.

In the past few years we have had numerous incidents where the stray dogs in campus have bitten, chased, cornered, terrorised and traumatised the residents, including pregnant women and children. They have also killed other pet dogs too. The stray dogs have made this community an extremely unsafe place to live in.

Every time this issue is raised internally with the  estate maintaince authorities, a handful of people who are against the removal of these stray dogs from the campus, stall any proceedings citing PETA,  and other laws, thus holding the entire large community to ransom and seriously endangering lives. 

We want to know what are the legal recourses which override PETA and any other laws that might exist, and whether there is any law that accords human lives greater  precedence over stray dogs. Do note we want to move dogs out to a safe shelter where they can be properly taken care off. 

We are aware of the law that states that animals cannot be removed from their natural habitat. But we would like to look into the legal aspects of how we can remove these dogs from the campus to ensure safety of human beings.

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