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Legal topic: Property Law | City: Kendrapara | For legal opinion | Posted on 5 May 2018

My homeland map was wrong . so I had applied at commissioner court,cuttack. The commissioner court modified my land. Amin had came from commissioner court to show us land on spot in the presence of neighbours. 

After this i went to make my home on homeland.but my oppostion Ghanshyam behra oppose me even oppose to repaire exiting home..He enter to my land with wife,daughter,son etc to queral with me.Cleverly went to chandol outpost to give complain.Chandol coutpost called many times. I sat in outpost whole day  and finally in charge  tell go ,he diid not come. He already given 20-25 times complain in outpost.Every time I harsh from outpost.

There is no result from outpost so i had applied at derabish tahsil for demacration of my homeland. to stop demarcation my opposition file a injunction suite in kendrapara court. Accordingly I hazier on court. My opposition didn't come to court after beats of call from court so this case dismissed by court.

then now he forcefully pulking cocanut, harvest wine from date palm tree, throwing dust  to my land, throwing water to mud wall of I complain to outpost as well as sadar thana. They did not response.So now he fearlessly saying no any outpost,no court cannot do anything.His confident level increase day to day so now he rise stick, katuri etc.cleverly clean up my land to show others my land upto there for confuse.My family is not thing safety on my land.

Now i also applied to drerabish tahsil to demacration my land.yet i am waiting. Due to delay and nobody respone he critcize the court order.

q.1How to legal demacration my land in the presence of police so distribunce will not occur.

q.2if i went to cout to demacration my land on spot how much time it will take and what is its procedure.otherwise court order to measure and he will not agree .same process will continue.

q.3.Why this person will forcefully obstcale everything without any document.

somebody suggest me  practically court, police station order can not do any thing. Is it ithe solution.the peoples went to court just formality.There is no value of the order.

Kindly give me right legal  suggestion what action will take to demarcation my land on spot. 


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