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Legal topic: Breach of trust,Cheating,Fraud,POSH | City: Lucknow | For legal opinion | Posted on 22 Feb 2021
My Girlfriend used me physicaly, mentaly & wealth wise in the name of love and false marriage promise from past 6 months and now she is making false reasons for not marrying with me.I dont know what she want from me, we are not in contact from 3 months & from past 2 months She blocked me from everywhere & in early stages of our relationship,she always threatning & blackmailed me that If I leave her or I will not marry her than she commit sucide and now she making fake excuses to not marry me intentionally cheated me from day one. She always hide her previous & past relationships with guys for 5-6 years & she had a sex with everyone infinite times in different locations & hotels regularly. But somehow I manage to know all this from her & I have all what's app messages, text messages, call recorded each & every call between us. Honestly speaking I have attempted suicide in depression. Just because of her cheating my physical & mental health is damaged & one day I have suffered with anxiety attack just because of High BP & Hypertension. I just want to teach her a lesson for a lifetime that playing with someone's life, feelings & emotions is not a game. I have quit my Job in July to start my own work but somehow I am not making good profit with it but I manage running costs from it all, slowly & continuous efforts will increase profits & afterall it's a startup & NO Business will give you a profit from very first day. I want to do FIR but I want to knw police or law will ask me to do test ? Or something else & what action police will take after FIR and it wil go to court compulsary ? And can i get public prosticutor for my case as i dont effort lawyer high fees ..... Plz suggest
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