Markandey Katju 1 Feb 2023 5:21pm
The Indian Reunification Association
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We formed an organisation called the Indian Reunification Association ( IRA ) whose aim is to peacefully and voluntarily reunite India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, as we believe they are really one country, sharing the same culture, and were one since since Mughal times. in 1947 was a historical British…
Markandey Katju 25 Jan 2023 1:18pm
The BBC commentary on Modi
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The central government has blocked youtube and video tweets showing the BBC commentary on the Gujarat riots. this restriction valid ?In this connection the judgment of the celebrated Justice Louis Brandeis…
Markandey Katju 20 Jan 2023 10:56am
Appointment of Judges
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These days a lot of controversy is going on regarding appointments of judges of the High Courts and Supreme Court, with the Supreme Court and the Government of India at loggerheads. So let me narrate my own experience in the Madras High Court.I took over as Chief Justice of the Madras High Court on 30th November 2004, and was immediately faced with…
Markandey Katju 23 Dec 2022 3:14pm
Bharat kaise judega ?
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These days Rahul Gandhi is on a Bharat Jodo Yatra ( Unite India March ), from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. But will it really unite India, which has numerous religions, castes, races, languages, etc ? I submit it will not, and wish to give my reasons.Casteism and communalism are feudal forces, which are keeping us divided, and holding up India’s forward…
Markandey Katju 4 Dec 2022 12:52pm
The Ravish Kumar hoopla
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A big fanfare, hoopla and hullabaloo is being created at present on the social media in India over the resignation of the well known Hindi journalist Ravish Kumar (winner of the Magsaysay award) from the TV channel NDTV (on the purchase of the channel by an Indian tycoon), and he is being painted by some to be a kind of a David who had taken on a Goliath…
Markandey Katju 4 Dec 2022 12:49pm
Duty of the Press
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The Indian media seems to have forgotten its duty to the nation. Instead of being a representative of the people, it has largely become a representative of the Establishment. Instead of being the Fourth Estate, it has largely become a limb of the First Estate. Hence I am quoting from the historic judgment of Justice Hugo Black of the US Supreme…
Markandey Katju 21 Nov 2022 11:15am
The Lysistrata solution to the Russo-Ukrainian war
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On 24th February, 2022 Russian military forces invaded Ukraine, and since then the war is going on. There has been international condemnation of the Russian invasion. The UN General Assembly has called for Russian forces to withdraw, the International Court of Justice has called for suspension of hostilities, the Council of Europe has expelled Russia,…
Markandey Katju 18 Nov 2022 9:06am
Urdu poetry and modern Hindi poetry
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I have often said that modern Hindi poetry has no ‘dum’ ( power ) in it compared to Urdu poetry. In this connection I am reminded of an incident which happened a few months after I had been appointed a Judge of the Allahabad High Court in 1991.My good friend Neelkant, was a Hindi writer and critic, of Allahabad, my native town (I don’t know whether…
Markandey Katju 17 Nov 2022 2:36pm
What is to be done
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What India requires is a modern minded dictatorship determined to rapidly industrialise and modernise the country, e.g. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who rapidly modernised Turkey in the 1920s, or the advisers of Emperor Meiji who rapidly modernised Japan after the Meiji Restoration of 1868.They did not do this democratically. The majority have reactionary,…
Markandey Katju 16 Nov 2022 1:52pm
Celebrating our defeat
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Many Indians are celebrating Pakistan’s defeat by England in the T20 World Cup cricket tournament, as if India has won the Cup. fools don’t understand that India and Pakistan are in fact one country, only temporarily divided by the Britishers ( the way they divided Ireland, Cyprus, Palestine, etc ) by…
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