Anuj Malhotra 28 Nov 2019 7:13pm
Are Auto Rickshaw a menace on city raods ?
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 The roads in the city have been taken hostage by the Three Wheeler Rickshaws (Autos). The hostage situation is even more evident outside the metro stations. They often squeeze widest of the roads to just one lane so that they are right outside to collect passengers. Most of the times I have seen Traffic Police alongside this hostage situation…
Anuj Malhotra 28 Nov 2019 12:03pm
Changes in US Immigration Laws & its impact on India
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US President Donald Trump’s new immigration plan, which has been called “dead-on-arrival” by Democrats, could be “disastrous” for those already in queue for a Green Card, including hundreds of thousands of Indians, as it intends to replace the existing system in favour of one that prioritises merit over family. The new system will also make it impossible…
Anuj Malhotra 9 Nov 2019 2:11pm
Ayodhya verdict Explained: What is adverse possession, the Muslim claim SC rejected?
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The five-judge Constitution Bench that delivered the judgment in the Ayodhya case said that while Muslims never lost possession of the disputed land, they could not assert the right of adverse possession So what is adverse possession?One of the questions before the Supreme Court was whether the Sunni Wakf Board had acquired the title of the disputed…
Anuj Malhotra 23 Oct 2019 12:55pm
Resolution under IBC: Banks may get pre-NCLT window
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Banks will likely have window to scout for prospective buyers of stressed assets for their expeditious resolution even before the bankruptcy process is initiated. This facility is set to be in place as part of a host of amendments being planned for the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), which is being reviewed by the government and the Insolvency…
Anuj Malhotra 18 Oct 2019 4:35pm
Apple iTunes Can Request Personal Info with Credit Card Payment
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The California Supreme Court ruled on February 4, 2013 that the provisions of the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act, which prohibits the collection of "personal identification information" as a condition of credit card payment, does not apply to online retailers selling products that are downloaded electronically.The case is Apple, Inc. v. Superior…
Anuj Malhotra 16 Oct 2019 12:24pm
Without encryption, we will lose all privacy. This is our new battleground  . By:Edward Snowden
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 In every country of the world, the security of computers keeps the lights on, the shelves stocked, the dams closed, and transportation running. For more than half a decade, the vulnerability of our computers and computer networks has been ranked the number one risk in the US Intelligence Community’s Worldwide Threat Assessment – that’s higher…
Anuj Malhotra 20 Feb 2019 9:40am
What is Entertainment Law?
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What is Entertainment Law?Entertainment law is the collection of the many areas of law that impact the entertainment industry. Entertainment law is the sum total of several different types of law that are relevant to the entertainment industry including transactional law and litigation. Laws that impact the entertainment industry include federal and state…
Anuj Malhotra 17 Nov 2018 6:58pm
5 Signs Your Lawyer Life Is Impacting On Your Home Life
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With a rise in longer working days and flexible hours, it can often be hard for the head of an organisation to switch off from work whilst at home. In most cases, employees are completely unaware that their job is slowly taking over their life, however, no matter what your position, it’s important to maintain a good work/life balance to ensure you…
Anuj Malhotra 4 Nov 2018 5:55pm
Ten Tips for Junior Lawyers
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In big law firms, partners traditionally bring in the work; senior associates manage the work; and junior associates do the work. When new partners are promoted they must acquire a whole new skillset. They have to market themselves and build client relationships without really knowing how, as this was not part of their job before they were promoted.We…
Anuj Malhotra 6 Sep 2018 4:46pm
United Nations Peacekeeping: Strengthening Accountability for Injuries to Third Parties
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The United Nations has come under increasing scrutiny amid allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and other crimes, including financial fraud and theft committed by United Nations (UN) peacekeeping personnel. Indeed, allegations of SEA have long plagued the UN and prompted many calls for action, including by the Section of International…
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