Started her journey by helping others on small scale basis inside town. Raising voice for those who couldn’t do that on their own. Especially, bouncing back to those who were overly proud of being “MALE CREED”.

She works as an HR manager at GRK.FIN.CO.PVT.LTD,Amritsar.  Apart from that, she’s a Protangnist, Rebellious Author, who actually believes in action(where needed).
Her first book i.e. BLEEDING QUEENS, proves that she’s got writing excellence.She always gives a hand to those in need.

Her consultancy area consists mainly of crime against women, be it—
Domestic Violence
Rape/ Sexual harrasment (Women, kids)
Verbal Abuse
Name calling
Female foeticide
Or any other crime against women and kids
Not biased at all, even those males who suffer, can consult.

Her debut book i.e. BLEEDING QUEENS, is story of a brave girl who bounced back to those who took her everything, brutally. Book’s first edition is in a language everyone can understand ‘HINDI’, as language is not the issue but RAPE is.

Link to her book---

With her first book, she wants to help women to understand and acknowledge their potential powers. Change can be done but with determination. There’s always a solution to every problem, either with words or actions.
It’s just that we need the Right way to walk on; Right person to talk to and needed one to help to.
Open yourself, don’t suffocate!

Remember, silence is the food of fear!

  • Amritsar, India

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