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  • shilpi
    08-12-2017 FRDI Bill
    FRDI Bill - Central Govt Has Brought A Bill Which Gives Bank Rights Over Your Deposited Money
    The Union government has brought about a proposal for a Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance(FRDI) Bill, which is a part of a host of banking reforms and enactment of laws that aim to resolve the conditions of the failing banks.…
  • shilpi
    04-10-2017 Uniform Civil Code,triple talaq,Supreme Court,UCC,Union of India.Shayara Bano
    Uniform Civil Code: Will the UCC make Indian families fairer?
    The prime minister, have welcomed the recent Supreme Court verdict in Shayara Bano v. Union of India that confirmed that courts would not recognize triple talaq (unilateral irrevocable male repudiation). After this, some have also revived calls to introduce a Uniform Civil Code. How far…
  • shilpi
    01-09-2017 Marital rape,Delhi High Court,Triple Talaq judgment,Section 375
    Marital Rape, a serious crime or just intense love making?
    In India, some people strongly believe that it’s not possible here. For us, it is just another form of love-making known as intense love making. Girliyapa associated with the viral fewer came out with an audacious video subjected to the…
  • shilpi
    14-12-2016 Supreme Court, BCCI-LodhaPanel
    Supreme Court dismisses BCCI review plea against Lodha panel reforms
    In a setback to BCCI, the Supreme Court has refused to review its verdict in which a slew of direction was passed to transform the world's richest cricket body by barring ministers and officials from the board and setting an age…
  • shilpi
    13-12-2016 Supreme Court Vs BCCI, BCCI-Lodha Panel
    Supreme Court Vs BCCI: Cricket Board Awaits Another Day Of Judgement
    The Supreme Court may announce the verdict in the BCCI-Lodha Panel case on Wednesday.  The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) would be waiting with bated breath to see if the Supreme Court on Wednesday decides to give a verdict in favour…
  • shilpi
    22-11-2016 Liquor Ban, Bihar, Supreme Court, state gpvernment's
    Liquor ban in Bihar is back as SC stays Patna high court ruling quashing the ban
    The liquor ban in Bihar is back as the Supreme Court has stayed a judgment passed by the Patna high court which had quashed a state notification upholding the liquor ban in the state. This is an interim measure which…
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