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  • sharda
    20-07-2016 Licensing, business
    Significance of License in growing your business
    Licensing is a way to make your business grow in a big way. If you have a small scale business with great products you can use licensing as a means to grow your business. Licensing has two partners one is…
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  • sharda
    15-12-2016 Liquor shops, Supereme Court
    No Liquor Shops On Highways From April 2017, Supreme Court Orders
    Liquor shops will not be allowed on highways from April 2017, the Supreme Court said today. The license of existing shops will not be renewed. Liquor shops must be at least 500 metres away from state and national highways, said…
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  • sharda
    26-04-2017 Supreme Court, Welfare Of Widows, Centre
    Supreme Court Blasts Centre For The Welfare Of Widows, Imposes Rs 1 Lakh Fine
    On Friday Supreme Court sharply rebuked the Centre over its functioning on taking steps to improve the condition of widows in the country.The SC not only blasted the Centre vocally, but also imposed a Rs 1 lakh fine for failing…
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