Warrant Of Arrest

The document as attached herein is concerned with the statute as primarily being’’ Income tax act 1961”

The schedule holding sheer importance and primacy here is the second schedule of the aforesaid statute and also section 223(2) also holds primacy here

This document mainly being the arrest warrant for the defaulter whose failure to pay a certain amount led him to be arrested by the authority empowered to do so in the aforesaid act

In the document it is stated that “These are to command you to arrest the said defaulter and bring him before the undersigned as soon as practicable and in any event within 24 hours of his arrest (exclusive of the time re-quired for the journey) unless the defaulter pays to you the said amount of Rs…………….together with further inter-est on Rs…………at the rate of one and one-half per cent per month or part of a month for the period commencing immediately after the date of issue of this warrant and Rs…………..for the cost of executing this process.

You are hereby further commanded to return the warrant on or before the day of with an endorsement certifying the day on which and the manner in which it has been executed or the reason why it has not been executed. In case the defaulter is not found within the jurisdiction of the undersigned, you are hereby authorised to move the Tax Recovery Officer within whose jurisdiction the defaulter may for the time being be found for executing this warrant”

Along with it the date , signature and seal has also been attached and is that of the tax recovery officer who shall be the empowered authority as per the provisions of the aforesaid act

Legal Process Outsourcing This Document

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