Ship'S Stores Declaration

The purpose of this form is served under the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime traffic from where the shipping laws has gained importance and which includes a list of document which the public authorities can demand of a ship. Regulation 3 of the Ship’s Store Declaration states the classes of goods described in column II of an item of the schedule under this declaration are hereby designated as ships’ stores for use on board a conveyance within any class of conveyance described in column I of that item, subject to any applicable limitation set out in a note at the end of the schedule thus the goods which are considered to be used on board a conveyance if they are goods that are consumed in the operation and maintenance of the conveyance and goods that are consumed by a person on board the conveyance and souvenirs, gifts, edible supplies, wines, spirits, ales, beers, domestic or imported cigars or domestic stamped manufactured tobacco or imported manufactured tobacco that are sold on board the conveyance, unless it is a Canadian warship that is described in column I of sub item 3(1) of the schedule, for consumption outside Canada or goods described in column II of sub item 3(1) of the schedule that are sold on board a Canadian warship whereas Regulation 4 states the sealing requirements. This form aims at the ship stores declaration which means goods that are needed to be considered while conveyance. 

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