Second And Final Notice Of Initial Periodical Medical Examination Under Rule 29B

Second And Final Notice Of Initial Periodical Medical Examination Under Rule

medical examination under rule 29 B of the Mines Rules, 1955

Initial and periodical medical examinations - After such date or dates as the Central Government may by notification in the Official Gazette appoint in this behalf, the owner, agent or manager of every mine shall make arrangements.

for the initial medical examination of every person employed in the mine, within a period of five years of the date so notified and the said examination shall be so arranged over a period of five years that one fifth of the persons employed at the mine undergo the examination every year; Provided that in the case of a mine where a system of carrying out of such medical examination (of a comparable standard as determined by the Chief Inspector) is already in existence before the date aforesaid, a person who has undergone a medical examination under such a system on a date not earlier than five years before the date aforesaid, shall be deemed to have undergone an initial medical examination under this sub clause and the last date of his medical examination under the said system shall be taken to be the date of his initial medical examination under these rules; (ii) for the initial medical examination of every person seeking employment in a mine, unless such person has already undergone within the preceding five years, a medical examination under these rules while in employment at another mine; and (b) for the periodical medical examination thereafter of every person employed in the mine at intervals of not more than five years. 1 Provided that for the persons who are engaged in the process of mining or milling of asbestos ,periodic medical examination shall be done at least once in every twelve months and every such examination shall include all the tests in Form “P” of the First Schedule except the X- Ray examination, which shall be carried out once in every three years. Provided further that the periodic medical examination or the X Ray examination or both , shall be conducted at more frequent intervals if the examining authority deems it necessary to confirm a suspected case of a dust related disease.Form N  Second And Final Notice Of Initial/Periodical* Medical Examination Under Rule 29B 

 Notice of medical examination  A copy of every such notice issued shall be sent by the manager to the examining authority and in the case of periodical medical examination of a person, the copies of the previous medical certificate issued in Form O, pertaining to the persons concerned shall also be sent to the examining authority by the manager. A person, who for any reasonable cause, fails to submit himself for a medical examination or in accordance with the notice issued to him under sub-rule(i), shall be given a second notice of a minimum period of ten days in Form N, by the manager and a copy of every such notice shall be sent by the manager to the examining authority. The examining authority shall inform the manager whether the person concerned has submitted himself for medical examination or not.

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