Relinquishment Deed By A Member Of A Hindu Undivided Family

This document is format for private contract between two parties to relinquish any right over the Hindu undivided family after coming to an amicable settlement between the parties. There is right to relinquish to every person of HUF family and can be settled amicably between the members of the family. The relinquisher shall declare that in per consideration of sum received by him per his share in the Joint Hindu Family property, the relinquisher, from the date of this covenant, cut all his relationship from the joint family and shall also declares that from the date of this covenant, he has relinquished and discharged the all members of Joint Hindu Family from any/all obligations for partitioning Joint Hindu Family property with him at any time falling after the date of execution of this agreement. The mutual relinquish of contract shall be signed by both the parties and shall mention if any liability or dues are to be settled between the parties.

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