Register Of Properties, Other Than Securities, Held Under Act 6 Of 1890

The purpose of this form is served under Rule 17 of the charitable endowments (Madhya Pradesh) rules, 1957 which states the form of publication of list and abstract which means that the list of properties vested in the Treasurer shall be published in Form 5 and Part I of the Act will relate to properties other than securities and will also contain the abstract of accounts required by the Act to be published. The Treasurer shall demand and receive acknowledgments of the correctness of the balances when so published, from the administrators of endowment funds or from any one or more of their body who may have been authorized by the administrators to give such acknowledgments. The acknowledgment shall be obtained in Form 9. This form basically deals with the publication of the properties which are endowed as a charity or property in trust given as charity after the registration other than the securities.

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